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10 Best Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures for Christmas 2020

We took a look at the most-loved Funko Pop! Vinyl  figures over this past year and created a top 10 list for you.

Top 10 Fan-Favourite Pop! Vinyl Figures in 2020

2020 has been a strange one. Lockdown meant that movies weren’t coming out, TV filming was stalled, and sports weren’t being played in front of fans. But, that meant the entertainment was a mix of fewer-but-awesome TV shows and older movies.

As a result, fans were going for a mix of new and retro when it came to their Pop! shopping. Take a look at the hottest Funko Pop! figures in 2020:

  1. The Mandalorian The Child Pop! Vinyl


the child funko pop vinyl


Well, of course The Child is number one. Ever since his first appearance in the Mandalorian, the internet has been blowing up with ‘Baby Yoda’ images. So, naturally, this The Child Funko Pop! was an instant hit.

  1. Jaws with Diving Tank Pop! Vinyl

jaws with diving tank pop vinyl

If you can’t splash about in the sea without scanning the horizon for shark fins, you’re a Jaws fan. And, as a Jaws fan, you need this Jawsome Jaws Pop! Vinyl, complete with a diving tank.

  1. Ronald McDonald Pop! Vinyl

ronald mcdonald pop vinyl

Lockdown meant that we had to give up a lot of our vices. Thank goodness that didn’t include McDonalds. Fans loved this Ronald McDonald Pop! in 2020 as much as they loved those Big Mac McMeals!

  1. Rick and Morty Rick Pop! Vinyl

rick and morty rick pop vinyl figure

In 2020, the world started caring about people more than ever. Rick still doesn’t. But, that doesn’t stop this sweary, alcoholic cartoon character… or his Pop! Vinyl… from being any less popular.

  1. Umbrella Academy Number Five Pop! Vinyl

umbrella academy number five pop vinyl

Can a kid in shorts and long socks really command that much authority? Yes, it turns out he can. And, it also turns out that his Number Five Funko Pop! commands serious fandom!

  1. Avengers Endgame Thanos Pop! Vinyl

marvel avengers endgame thanos funko pop

Even though Thanos is so evil that he makes other bad guys look like casual litterers, he still made a huge impact on fans. After all, a force as powerful as Thanos meant the Avengers really had to work for victory. That alone makes him an important part of the Marvel universe, and makes this Thanos Funko Pop! a fan favourite.

  1. Harry Potter Dobby Pop! Vinyl

Harry Potter Dobby Pop! Vinyl

The cake-levitating, sock-getting house elf was an instant hit in the world of Harry Potter. And, after that chilling scene on the beach in Deathly Hallows Part 1, he was one of the franchise’s all-time heroes. That’s why fans are still clamouring to get this Dobby Funko Pop!

  1. Naruto Running Pop! Vinyl

POP Animation: Naruto - Naruto Running

If Naruto had his own workout video, we’re sure his running style would sell like hot cakes. As it turns out, this Naruto Funko Pop! is just as popular as those videos would be. OK, much more popular!

  1. Spider-Man Far From Home Spider-Man Pop! Vinyl

Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home Funko Pop! Vinyl

Far From Home was a major MCU moment which saw Peter Parker step out from Tony Stark’s mentorship and have to solve problems for himself. Maybe that’s why fans love this Spider-Man Funko Pop! so much. Either that or the fact that his new Spider suit looks legit!

  1. Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Pop! Vinyl

POP Heroes: Birds of Prey Harley Quinn (Caution)

Fans had mixed feelings about Suicide Squad. So, if we were to get more Harley Quinn, it had to be in a truly awesome movie. And, thank goodness we got Birds of Prey! This Harley Quinn Funko Pop! gives us Harley at her insane, sandwich-craving best!

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There’s a Funko Pop! for Everyone

These are just some of the awesome Funko Pop! figures that fans have been scooping up this year. But, if you didn’t spot exactly what you were after, don’t stress it. Funko make Pop! Vinyls for just about every form of entertainment there is.

So, to discover these and more awesome fan merch, check out Lost Universe now!

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