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10 Things in Harry Potter We Wish Were Real

We looked at some of the coolest things in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World and chose the 10 that would make our lives the easiest. We’ve ranked them here!

10 things we want from the Wizarding World

Let’s face it. Living in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World would be straight up… well, magical.

We've seen which Hogwarts Houses our towns belong to. But, we didn’t get our Hogwarts letters at age 11. So, since we don’t get to experience it all, we’ve decided on just 10 things from Harry Potter we’d love to have in real life. Here they are!

10. Platform 9¾

harry potter platform 9 3/4 plate

Harry Potter Platform 9¾ Sign

Sometimes, fighting your way through a busy platform while you can see the doors of your train closing is more annoying than having Hermione picking apart your pronunciation.

Imagine you could simply slip through a wall to a special platform away from all the commuters. And, for that matter, board a special train. That would be sweeter than a Chocolate Frog… which you’d be able to buy on that train!

9. Wizard’s Chess

harry potter wizard chess set

Wizard’s Chess Set

So, we’ll admit that watching the Queen’s Gambit did change our minds about chess a bit. But, it still didn’t make it look as exciting as a Destruction Derby. Fortunately, Wizard’s Chess jumps in to do just that.

With pieces that go to war on the board, this would up the excitement level of board game night more than lasers and a case of energy drinks!

8. That Spell to Do the Dishes

harry potter self stirring cauldron mug

Self-Stirring Cauldron

When Harry first went into the Weasleys’ cottage, he spotted a pot cleaning itself in the kitchen sink. But, we in the muggle world have to heave ourselves from our chairs after a big meal and splash around in the sink while our hands get greasier than young Draco’s hair.

Imagine you could simply wave your wand and plonk yourself on the sofa while the dishes did themselves. You could even use the same spell to stir your tea so you can save your elbow for your next Quidditch match. Speaking of which…

7. Quidditch

harry potter quidditch world cup ticket

Limited-Edition Silver Quidditch World Cup Ticket

Playing Quidditch would definitely appeal to the more adventurous muggles amongst us. And, watching it would be pretty awesome for the rest of us.

Imagine spending a Saturday drinking Butterbeer and singing your lungs out at a Premier League Quidditch match. Sounds like a brilliant way to blow off more steam than the Hogwarts Express.

6. Polyjuice Potion

harry potter polyjuice potion

Polyjuice Potion Colour-Changing Lamp

No matter how comfortable you are in your own skin, you sometimes dream of spending a day in someone else’s shoes. But, it’s just a fantasy, unless you have a good friend with the same size feet… or some Polyjuice Potion!

A sip of this could transform you into someone else for a few hours. So, you could get to experience life as a celebrity or horribly embarrass your arch nemesis (if you’re a Slytherin sort of person).

All you’d need to worry about is getting some of their hair. So being a famous hairdresser would certainly help you.

5. Hogwarts

harry potter hogwarts backpack

Hogwarts Black Backpack

This is a kind of broad one, but we’re putting it in anyway. That’s because we feel we would have had a way easier time concentrating in school if our most boring class involved making magic potions!

Imagine having a morning full of divination, charms, and defence against the dark arts before an afternoon of transfiguration and broomstick flying. Get out, calculus.

4. The Marauder’s Map

harry potter marauder's map notebook

Marauder’s Map Notebook

If you’re the mischievous type, this would be so cool to have. Instead of trying to evolve your hearing to bat level when you’re sneaking around somewhere you shouldn’t be, you could just whip out your Marauder’s Map!

This handy piece of paper shows the footsteps of everyone walking around Hogwarts. So, if you could modify it to show wherever you are, it could manage some seriously good mischief. Sneaking biscuits after bedtime, for example, would become a breeze!

3. Port Keys or Flying Cars

harry potter ford anglia 3d puzzle

Harry Potter 3D Lenticular Puzzle

If you’re not mad about the morning commute, or you’re one of those ‘Are we there yet?’ muggles, magical transport would open up a new world. Literally.

Imagine being able to teleport anywhere in the world in an instant. Or, failing that, swoop over the gridlocked motorway in a flying car. This would be the end of bad moods in the morning and aeroplane food on holidays. Magic!

2. The Time-Turner



Flip the Time-Turner and you go back in time for a little bit. It’s not enough to make a Velociraptor egg omelette or tell Richard III to stand up straight, but it would definitely come in handy.

Imagine you could take back that lame joke that just slipped out or have a second chance at making a first impression. You could also use it to relive a moment that was too good to enjoy just once.

1. The Philosopher’s Stone

harry potter philosopher's stone pin badge

Philosopher’s Stone Pin Badge

The Philosopher’s Stone has the ability to turn any metal to gold and create the elixir of life, basically making you immortal. So, they wouldn’t exactly give these away with take-out meals. But, you have to admit, this would make life easier.

Immortality would give you about the right amount of time to spend all the money you made from your pure gold radiators, kitchen sink, cutlery, doorknobs, taps, and pennies.

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Main image credit: Warner Bros via Screenrant

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