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15 Amazing Marvel Gifts for Kids Who Love Superheroes

If they didn’t already love Marvel, the latest chapter of films has captured fans all over the world. The heroic conclusion in Avengers Endgame saw all our heroes from the various films teaming up on the big screen to take down the villainous Titan, Thanos. Recent films introduced Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Ant Man, The Winter Solidier, Falcon, Scarlett Witch and more to what was already an illustrious list of heroes, giving young fans around the world so much more choice when it comes to picking a favourite.

This can make things tricky for adults buying Marvel gifts for kids; do they still like Captain America, or has Doctor Strange stolen the limelight? That’s why we have put together a list of Marvel gift ideas for kids that includes all the key characters in the MCU, even the villains if you’re buying for someone who likes to side with the bad guys.


1. Funko Pop! Vinyls

Funko Pop! Vinyls

These cool figurines are both toys and collectibles. Their unique design has made them seriously popular, and we have a range that includes all the fan-favourites. We have Marvel Avengers Hulk, Winter Soldier and Marvel Avengers Captain America. You can also buy figures that are an awesome mix between characters or spin-offs from the comics. Check out Marvel Deadpool 30th Anniversary Dinopool, or Marvel Thanos As Venom.


2. Marvel Hulk Fist Money Box

Marvel Hulk Fist Money Box

An awesome way for Hulk fans to keep their cash safe, this is a great Marvel gift idea for kids. It doesn’t matter how powerful the villain is, they’re not getting anywhere near any pocket money if it’s hidden inside this Marvel Hulk Fist Money Box.


3. Marvel Spider-Man Desk Lamp

Marvel Spider-Man Desk Lamp

What better way to encourage reading than with a Marvel Spiderman Desk Lamp? Our friendly-neighbourhood hero will help light up the words and keep young fans company before bedtime. This awesome design features Spidey using his webs to hang off a streetlamp.


4. Wall-Mounted Deco Light

Iron Man Wall-Mounted Deco Light

Less of a reading lamp, and more of a seriously cool addition to a Marvel fans bedroom, our wall-mounted lights have 3D designs featuring some iconic weapons from the MCU. The luminous light is a perfect complement to a gaming setup or Marvel toy collection. On our site, you can find a Hulk fist, Cap’s Shield, Spiderman’s web shooters, Iron Man’s suit helmet and more amongst our collection of Marvel lights.


5. Marvel Water Bottle

Marvel Water Bottle

A Marvel water bottle is a great gift for young fans. Having a water bottle to take to school or sports is useful, and when it has Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Rocket engraved into the side, it’ll make them the envy of the playground. Even the Avengers have to stay hydrated!


6. Marvel Watch

Marvel Watch

Turn on the style with a Marvel watch. We have some amazing smart watches that come with some cool features. Check out our Marvel Black Panther Kids Digital Watch – on the cover you’ll find the emblem of our hero from Wakanda, lift up the cover and the digital watch will ensure you never miss a SHIELD meeting. Our Marvel Spider-Man Kids Smart Watch comes with an adjustable buckle, digital display, and silicon straps.


7. Marvel Toddler Groot Cable Guy

Marvel Toddler Groot Cable Guy

Are you buying for a gamer? We have the perfect Marvel gift idea for kids. Keep all your cables neat and tidy with our Marvel Toddler Groot Cable Guy. The smallest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy can hold wires and controllers and keep any Marvel setup looking as pristine as Stark Tower. 


8. Marvel Say What You See Card Game

Marvel Say What You See Card Game

This is a fun Marvel game for kids that can also be a great learning experience. Marvel Say What You See involves cards that depict a phrase or character. If guessed correctly, the player wins the card. It can be a great laugh for the whole family, and a piece of cake for true Marvel fans.


9. Marvel T-Shirt

Marvel Thor T-Shirt

Marvel-themed t-shirts are a safe Marvel gift idea for kids. We have a great selection, featuring some of the best heroes and villains from the MCU. Our high-quality print designs help them retain their quality for a long time. Try Deadpool, Infinity War Avengers, Fat Thor, or a whole selection in our Marvel clothing range.


10. Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Bluetooth Speaker

Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Bluetooth Speaker

Feel like going big on a present for a young Marvel fan? Look no further than our Marvel Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Bluetooth Speaker. An Infinity Gauntlet featuring light up stones is cool enough on its own, but when you find out it can play all your favourite songs it will blow you away. A great addition to a fan’s bedroom, they can listen to music while playing their Marvel board game or recreating End Game with figurines.


11. Marvel Spider-Man Kids Activity Tracker

Marvel Spider Man Kids Activity Tracker

Brand new on our website, you’ll be the coolest relative around when you give them a Marvel Spider-Man Kids Activity Tracker. This product will track how far they’ve walked throughout the day, perfect for family walks or impressing friends at school. Not to mention, we think it’s quite a fashionable addition to any Marvel themed outfit.


12. Marvel Mugs

Marvel Mugs

Hot drinks before bed just got so much cooler. Themed and shaped from some of our favourite heroes and villains from the MCU, our Marvel mugs make great gifts for kids. It doesn’t have to just be hot drinks either, oh no, juice, water, or pop, you can count on our Marvel mugs to improve any drinks break. We have a Rocket mug, Groot mug, Thanos mug, and a whole selection to choose from.


13. Marvel Spider-Man Venom Wallet

Marvel Spider-Man Venom Wallet

He probably has the most questionable morals out of our heroes, but Venom’s emblem looks awesome on the front of a wallet. This Marvel Spider-Man Venom Wallet also gives kids somewhere to store their money for a trip to the games store or sweets shop. It has several different compartments and a sealed pocket for change. What more do you need?


14. Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Beanie & Scarf

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Beanie & Scarf

With winter around the corner, Marvel fans will be thankful for this Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Beanie & Scarf gift set. They have a stylish design, and you won’t have to worry about the cold while fighting crime. We have a sneaky suspicion the flexible style will also mean they work with any manner of super suit, be it iron, Vibranium or anything else.


15. Marvel Spider-Man Web Backpack

Marvel Spider-Man Web Backpack

Another practical, but awesome addition to our list of Marvel gifts for kids. Useful for carrying schoolbooks, P.E kits and stationery into school in style, this Marvel Spider-Man Web Backpack makes a great present. Capable of carrying around Hammers from Asgard and Vibranium Shields, the high-quality design is guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Be it for a birthday, Christmas or just a generous feeling, you’re guaranteed to put a smile on a Marvel fan’s face with these gift ideas. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for here, you can find our full range of Marvel products right here. Simply choose something for yourself and you’re onto a winner!




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