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Boglins Are Back! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Just like shoulder pads and synth pop, the Boglins are back from the ‘80s. Check out this guide to see what’s new, what’s stayed the same, and what’s up!

Boglins have made a comeback

Just like Travolta in Pulp Fiction, the Boglins have made a super cool comeback. These toys were bigger than permed hair in the ‘80s, but eventually found themselves at the bottom of kids’ toy boxes and the backs of their cupboards. But, they’ve clawed their way back into this decade, and are just as popular as ever.

So, what kicked off the new Boglins toy craze, and are they still the same as they were decades ago? We answer these questions, and loads more, in our Boglins guide! Here goes…

What are Boglins?

Boglins are monster-like puppets based on… we’re guessing goblins, due to our Sherlock-like detection skills. They’re made to look like they’ve been captured and caged, with their packaging actually forming part of the toy.

Stick your hand through the bottom of the box and you can control the Boglin inside the cage, moving its mouth and making its eyes dart around like it’s watching butterflies on Red Bull. Actually, make that Monster!

boglins king dwork

What started the Boglins comeback?

We’ve seen a natural move to retro of late. Gamers are rocking retro games consoles, brand new pop music sounds like it could be in the soundtrack to the Breakfast Club, and we’ve glimpsed a couple of shoulder-padded t-shirts in shop windows.

Along with that, we’ve had shows like Stranger Things and GLOW, as well as the feature Wonder Woman 1984, bring all of the camp vibrance of the ‘80s to the screen.

So, it made sense that toys would start bringing back some classics from the era. And, as classics go, the Boglins were a fantastic choice. After all, they were about as big as Tom Cruise in the late ‘80s. And almost as tall.

boglins king vlobb

When were Boglins made?

The Boglins toy line was originally created by Mattel, and was a smash hit. The Boglins took over the US from 1987 to 1989 before crossing the pond (or ponds) to dominate Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Their popularity spawned Mini Boglins, which were mini tribes made from different coloured plastic. These were collected, and even given away in cereal boxes, for a few years. But, by the mid-‘90s, they were kind of going the way of grunge and losing popularity.

Until 2020.

Tim Clarke – co-creator of the Boglins – with the help of a couple of licensing companies and a successful Kickstarter campaign, managed to re-launch the Boglins last year. And, the response was awesome.

In fact, over the past couple of years, there’s been such demand that they’ve had to reinvent the manufacturing process to keep up. They’re not only being snapped up by nostalgic toy-owners of the ‘80s, but they’re also hugely popular with today’s kids.

boglins golden horned king dwork - only at Lost Universe    

Are Boglins toys the same as they were in the ‘80s?

Yes and no. The new Boglins look really similar to how they used to, and they even still come in their cage boxes with their bent bars. But, they’re not carbon copies.

The new run of Boglins have been re-designed. So, they have slightly new colours and shapes.

But, that means that all the new Boglins coming out now are first editions, so you have a chance to bag a Boglin that’ll be a collector’s item for the next big Boglin comeback!

Plus, there are some special edition and exclusive Boglins that have been released. The Golden Horned and Red Eyed Kings, for example, are special editions that are only available at Lost Universe.

Check out the exclusive Boglins here!

What are Boglins made of?

Boglins are made of flexible rubber, making it easy to control them.

How many Boglins are there?

The backstory of the Boglins says that there are 7 Boglin kings in the swamp. But, with the modern Boglins, there are essentially variations of King Dwork, King Vlobb, and King Drool.

There are also Halloween versions, which glow in the dark. These are called Dark Lords, and you can look out for the clown-inspired Dark Lord Crazy Clown, the skull-inspired Dark Lord Bogobones, and the pumpkin-inspired Dark Lord Blobkin.

boglins crazy clown glow in the dark

Where to get Boglins

You don’t need to go digging in a slimy swamp that smells worse than the sweaty exercise clothes left in a sports bag for a week. Instead, just come to Lost Universe! We have a cool range of Boglins plus awesome exclusives.

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