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Christmas Gifts for Gamers and Geeks from Lost Universe

So, you know a gamer. But, they never come out of their room long enough to tell you what they want for Christmas. No problem, we’ve got some great ideas in this handy guide of gifts for gamers and pop culture fans!

We’ve picked out some gifts that are sure to be as welcome as the latest bug patch for Cyberpunk 2077 (which is very welcome, by the way).

So, let’s get into it. Here are our suggestions!

Atari Flashback Retro Gaming Console with Wired Controllers

Whether they experienced the original Atari when it first came out, or have just discovered retro games, gamers can’t get enough of the Atari Flashback Retro Gaming Console!

Recreated for the modern era, this console is much smaller than the original and comes pre-loaded with 110 classic games like Space Invaders, Pong, River Raid, Pitfall!, Asteroids, Centipede, and Kaboom!

Xbox Official Gaming Locker

Between the games themselves, console controllers, and all the accessories that come with consoles, a gaming station can get quite messy. But, this officially licensed Xbox Gaming Locker is here to keep things tidier than a perfect killshot in Halo.

This locker is designed to hold up to 10 Xbox games inside it. Plus, you can hang four controllers on the sides and a pair of headphones on the top. It even has a drawer for cables and accessories at the bottom. A brilliant gift for an Xbox gamer.

X Rocker Evo Elite 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

With a huge host of features, the X Rocker Evo Elite is purpose-built to make gamers more comfortable than the unwashed joggers they wear to play in.

For starters, it’s got deep cushioning and a contoured design for an ergonomic playing experience. It’s also got 4.1 sound built into it, which means four clear speakers and one booming bass subwoofer.

For looks, it has RGB NeoMotion lights which can switch between 30 pre-programmed modes. Oh, and it even has tri-motor vibration in the seat, letting it rumble like a hungry gamer’s stomach when the bass triggers.

Marvel Toddler Groot Cable Guy

The galaxy has been in the hands of Groot on multiple occasions. So, he’s more than equipped to hold a gaming controller or smartphone. Yep, that’s kinda the specialty of this Marvel Toddler Groot Cable Guy!

This clever tech stand is modelled to hold both Xbox and PlayStation controllers as well as most smartphones. And, it even comes with a 2-metre micro USB cable that can be used to charge tech while it’s in Groot’s hands.

Real Feel Racing VR Headset

For most of us, the closest we’ll ever get to real racing is when we dash to make it into a train before the doors close. Well… that used to be the case. Now, racing fans just need this Real Feel Racing VR Headset!
This set includes the VR headset and steering wheel, everything needed to turn a smartphone into a racing car. All it needs is the accompanying app, available for iOS and Android, and it’s ready to hit the virtual road.


X Rocker Cerberus Carbon Red Gaming Bed

The gamer you know eats, drinks, and breathes gaming. Now they can sleep gaming too. And it’s all thanks to this X Rocker Cerberus Gaming Bed!
Yes, gaming beds are a thing. This one has a super cool esports inspired design and ultra-supportive hardwood slats that are supportive during those long gaming sessions.

Call Of Duty Monkey Bomb Cable Guy

Want a gift that’ll blow a gamer away? (We’re speaking metaphorically… or are we?). Then you’ll love this Call Of Duty Monkey Bomb Cable Guy, and so will they!
Again, this is designed to hold a smartphone or gamepad, and despite looking creepier than a limp handshake, it’s hugely popular with Call of Duty fans.

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