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Couple Goals: 15 Famous Couples in Pop Culture

If you’re looking for couple goals this year, use these 15 famous couples in pop culture as inspiration. Check out this list to learn more! 

15 Top Pop Culture Couples 

Pop culture doesn’t always show life exactly as it is. In fact, its version of life is usually faker than a catfish’s Instagram account. But, one thing’s for sure, it totally nails couple goals. 

Not all of these couples are romantic. But, they all fit together better than a Lego Death Star. So, let’s take a look at some of film and TV’s all-time greatest couples!

1. Luke and Leia from Star Wars 



OK, so, Luke’s initial crush on the woman that turns out to be his sister did make us all feel as nauseous as a jump to light speed with a stomach full of Bantha stew. But, at the heart of it, these are two characters with a connection powered by the Force. Isn’t that the type of sibling relationship we should all aspire to?

2. Han and Chewbacca from Star Wars 

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Serious bromance here. Han’s relationship with Chewie outlasted his relationship with Leia. His secret? Let the Wookiee win. After all, a happy Wookiee is a happy life. 

But, looking a little deeper, we all need a friend that can understand exactly what we’re going through when all we’re doing is groaning.

3. Ross and Rachel from Friends 

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Even though they were more off again than on again, this relationship is still one that every hopeless romantic wants. After all, Rachel is Ross’s lobster, and lobsters mate for life. The king of slow plays, it took Ross 10 years and a baby to decide that Rachel was well and truly the only one for him, but he got there in the end.

4. Monica and Chandler from Friends 

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While Ross and Rachel got all the attention, Chandler and Monica quietly got on with building a real relationship which was (mostly) free from drama. Unlike Ross and Rachel’s one and a bit seasons together, Chandler and Monica were together for six years, from Season 4 to Season 10.

5. Harry, Ron, and Hermione from Harry Potter 

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Oops, thruple coming at you. We know that technically it was just Ron and Hermione that had romantic feelings, but we think all three of these characters had a fantastic relationship. They bickered and fell out at times, just like normal people (er, wizards and witches), but they were always there for each other when it counted.

6. Joker and Harley Quinn 

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There are times, in the comics, that this relationship has been completely toxic. But, let’s look past all that and focus on the fact that these two are, at the core, crazy about each other. And, yes, pun intended. There’s nothing casual about their feelings for each other. They’re both completely in it, and that’s the main thing.

7. Mando and Grogu from The Mandalorian 

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It’s not many bachelor bounty hunters that would give up a life of roaming the galaxy and jumping between light speed entry zones at will. Especially to become a single dad. But, Din Djarin is no ordinary Mandalorian. Plus, when we see The Child’s big, shimmering eyes, we totally get why he did it.

8. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast 

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It’s a tale as old as time. After all, don’t most couples meet when the woman’s father is imprisoned for wandering into a cursed castle before being replaced in captivity by the woman, who falls for her captor, who has been magically transformed into a hairy yet loveable beast? It’s like, find another way to meet, people!

9. Ash and Pikachu from Pokémon 

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Pikachu is the only one of Ash’s Pokémon that he doesn’t keep in his Poké Ball. Maybe it’s because Pikachu refuses to stay in there. Maybe it’s because their bond is deeper than the usual trainer/Pokémon connection. We think it’s the latter.

10. Marvel’s Spider-Man and MJ 

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Whether you’re talking about Mary-Jane or Michelle Jones, Spider-Man and MJ belong together. From the iconic upside-down kiss in 2002’s Spider-Man to the super-cute swinging date at the end of Far From Home, you know that this is a couple that pop culture just needs.

11. Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse 

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Here’s a couple that’s all about old-school values. And, we dig it. If nothing else, the length of Mickey and Minnie’s relationship is a serious inspiration. Plus, they’re absolutely adorable together.

12. Homer and Marge from The Simpsons 

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Look, their marriage isn’t perfect. But, whose is? The awesome thing about Marge and Homer is that they know each other so well. And, after so many years of marriage and three kids, they know exactly what to expect from each other.

13. Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. 

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More than just a great plumbing duo, Mario and Luigi are all about saving stricken princesses and rescuing mushroom kingdoms. They’re such an inseparable partnership that, if Mario turned up alone to fix your leaky taps, you’d immediately suspect the worst.

14. Hulk and Black Widow from Avengers: Age of Ultron 

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Life isn’t exactly rainbows and sunsets for Nat and Bruce (even if the sun is getting real low). But, that’s why we love them as a couple. Suddenly, when you factor in a past of brutal assassinations and a fear of losing control and breaking… like, the world… our little relationship squabbles seem petty. The Hulk and Black Widow keep us grounded.

15. Woody and Buzz 

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‘You’ve got a friend in me.’ Need we say more? This relationship is the perfect example of enemies getting over their differences to become life-long friends. If toys can do it, we’ve got no excuse not to. 

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Couple Goals: Let Life Imitate Pop Art 

So, as we mentioned, these aren’t exactly normal relationships. But, why should we only want ‘normal’ in our lives? Pop culture shows us some of the best (and sometimes most intense) ways to care for someone. 

So, whether you’re showing the love to your partner, a sibling, or friend, aim for the idealistic pop culture version of it and be happy with wherever you land!

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