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Do You Live in One of the UK’s Most Haunted Cities? – Find Out Right Here!

Our intrigue for all things supernatural, especially through movies and shows like Nightmare Before Christmas, Stranger Things, and Ghostbusters has fed and driven our thirst, fear and curiosity in the pursuit of real-life hauntings and paranormal activity.

It’s all fun and games watching spooky goings on through the television, but we’ve become the Egon Spengler of the internet, and have conducted our own research into the ‘other side’. Using search data to tell us how many people are searching for certain ghostly phrases, we’ve been able to locate the most haunted cities in the UK.

The keywords we used in our research were:

  • ‘Haunted home’
  • ‘Haunted house’
  • ‘Haunted toys’
  • ‘Haunted items’
  • ‘How to perform an exorcism’
  • ‘Is my house haunted?’

From resident spooks to possessed people, here are the top twelve cities in the UK for paranormal activity.

12. Nottingham 


Total spooky searches: 564

Nottingham takes 12th place on our spooky list for Halloween, with two of Nottingham’s most popular tourist attractions believed to be haunted by ghosts and dead spirits - The National Justice Museum and the Robin Hood Experience. However, some of the best ghost stories lie within the town’s pubs. One of the oldest public houses is the Salutation Inn, where guests have seen a ghostly highwayman drinking at the ground floor bar, along with a dark entity being felt to surround visitors in felt in the upstairs attic. A staff member also claims to have seen Roman soldiers marching through the pub’s cellar and disappearing through walls on the opposite side. The tales of this centuries old ale house makes it undoubtedly one of the most haunted pubs in the country.

11. Cardiff


Total spooky searches: 751

Cardiff is the most haunted city in Wales, making it a great attraction for anyone close to the city over Halloween. Cathedral Close, Llandaff is a notable street infamous for paranormal sightings of young children playing and laughing in the street, with many eyewitnesses recalling similar stories. This street was named ‘Road of the Dead’ as bodies were hauled down this street and taken to a graveyard near the River Taf in the 1800’s, which has since been abandoned.

Other notable spots include Cardiff Castle, where a faceless woman in a long skirt known as Sarah wonders, and Cardiff Royal Infirmary, which is branded the UK's most haunted hospital, where it's claimed a priest was called in to exorcise the pathology department, forcing parts of the hospital to close.

10. Edinburgh

Total spooky searches: 999

Edinburgh comes in at 10th on our list of most haunted cities and is home to Edinburgh Castle, which is the 5th most haunted location in the UK and Ireland. It’s connection to the Royal Mile by a network of tunnels has been the source of many spooky stories over the years, from a young piper who disappeared without a trace hundreds of years ago who can still be heard today, to a headless drummer boy in the dungeons, and a gaggle of French prisoners captured during the Seven Years War, who are regularly sighted in and around the castle by staff and guests.

9. Sheffield

sheffield haunting


Total spooky searches: 1,056

Next on our list is the Steel City. Sheffield is one of the most haunted cities in the North and it has a few terrifying tales to tell. Residents and visitors may want to check out the city’s oldest domestic building The Old Queens Head pub to see if they can experience an apparition of the ‘Lady in White’ who appears wearing a 1920’s style dress, or the ghostly medieval child that has been known to pull on women’s hair. There’s even a section of the Northern General Hospital named Vickers Corridor, where people are regularly spooked out, with doctors and nurses over the years encountering ‘patients’ requesting something to help them sleep, only to find the patent has soon after disappeared. Other creepy occurrences include cutlery and trays in a former canteen being thrown around at night, and figures disappearing through the walls of the corridor.

8. Bristol


Total spooky searches: 1,199

Bristol is a city that embraces paranormal activity, with Haunted and Hidden Bristol Walking tours offering the chance to explore the city’s darker history. From haunted theatres, a weeping nun and ghostly monks, there are hundreds of spooky spots to visit on your very own ghost hunt.

Some of the most notable happenings occur at Christmas Steps, which were the original way up to the gallows at the top of St Michael's Hill. Many people have reported hearing the screams of people being led to their death. It is also rumoured that the houses on the south side of the street are built on top of an old cemetery.

Some of the most violent paranormal experiences in Bristol have occurred at The Llandoger Trow Inn on King Street, which is popular among ghost hunters. Over the centuries, there have been numerous ghostly sightings and accounts of wall-hangings and cutlery flying across the kitchen and restaurant by angry spirits of the past.

7. Glasgow


Total spooky searches: 1,645

Glasgow is 7th on our list and is the most haunted city in Scotland, and home to some of Scotland’s greatest ghost spotting locations. The Glasgow Necropolis, also known as the City of the Dead, is a Victorian cemetery home to several legends including the Woman in White who floats through the cemetery, becoming visible mainly to those who are alone.

Also rich in history is Provan Hall House which has several ghostly residents: a woman who inhabits the upper floor has been seen looking out to people through the windows of the dining hall, however, an angrier spirit is also present here, with staff seeing a young man holding a dagger to appear throughout the grounds.

6. Leicester

Total spooky searches: 1,916

One of the most famous paranormal places in Leicester is Leicester Cathedral, situated in Leicester’s Old Town. It was once named in the top five most haunted places in the Midlands and is said to be home to the ghost of Richard III, drawing in mediums and psychics from all over the country.

Nearby is The Guildhall, regarded as the city's most haunted building, which is home to the famous White Lady, who reportedly resides in the museum's library.

Other encounters involve a phantom policeman and ghostly dog in the courtyard. Here, there have also been claims from people who have seen a pair of phantom legs hanging from the portrait of Henry Earl of Huntington hanging in the Major's Parlour.

5. Liverpool


Total spooky searches: 2,783

Liverpool is home to one of the most haunted places in the UK, The Adelphi Hotel. Due to its rich and eventful history, guests have reported several spooky incidents, including the ghost of a young pageboy who picks up people’s luggage and carries it to their room. Staff over the years have reported seeing a grey lady in a Victorian-style dress in the basement, and the sighting of somebody hanging out of a window, only to find the window locked when it was checked.

The paranormal events in Liverpool don’t end here, however, there are many other buildings steeped in dark entities that only the bravest visit. Another notable mention here is Newsham Park Hospital, a place that left one of its former workers branding it as ‘pure evil’. Visitors have claimed to see shadowy figures, and some ghost hunters even claim to have heard banging coming from the cupboards that were rumoured to have been where badly behaved Victorian children were sent.

4. Birmingham


Total spooky searches: 4,995

With so many traditional buildings and historical landmarks, it comes as no surprise that there are many ghostly goings on here in Birmingham. Aston Hall, Warstone Lane Cemetery, and Graisley Old Hall all have centuries of ghostly hauntings recounted from eyewitnesses because of each location’s creepy and dark history.

Graisley Old Hall, also known as ‘The House That Cries’, has a history of hauntings dating back to the 1300’s, earning its nickname from a series of unexplained pools of water suddenly appearing and disappearing in the main hall. This is said to have been witnessed many times by both the owners and visitors of the house.

3. Manchester


Total spooky searches: 9,352

Now into our top three, Manchester is home to ghostly activity at landmarks including Albert Hall, Ordsall Hall and the Ring-o-Bells Inn – perfect for those looking for tourist attractions in the area.

A favourite among budding ghost hunters, Ryecroft Hall in Audenshaw has been the subject of many ghostly sightings. Once used as a hospital, visitors have witnessed items being thrown across rooms, apparitions, and even a Victorian child walking around the premises. It’s the cellar that’s a particular area of paranormal interest however, as it was previously used as a mortuary, and is now home to a number of alleged ghosts – with reported extreme drops in temperature, unexplained smells and sights of ghostly figures

2. Leeds

Total spooky searches: 15,601

Leeds has been found to be by far the most haunted city in the north, so if you are looking to be freaked out at Halloween, pay a visit to one of Leeds’ most famous haunted locations, such as Thackray Medical Museum, Abbey House Museum or Armley Mills.

Armley Mills is particularly spooky, with constant reports of doors slamming shut and claims from people saying they have been forcefully pushed. Here, a small boy can be heard crying, as well as a handful of people seeing a figure in a top hat and a Victorian woman in a black dress.

Another must-see location in Leeds is Kirkstall Abbey. The grounds of the Abbey are believed to be home to the ghost of Mary, a woman who witnessed her husband committing a murder and turned him into the authorities. The Abbey House Museum next to the ruins is also thought to be haunted by the former Abbott of the Kirkstall Abbey who can sometimes be heard wandering around the museum.

1. London

Total spooky searches: 31,991

Some way ahead of the rest is London. It maybe comes as no surprise that London is surrounded by ghostly visitors and paranormal activity, considering its rich history and incredibly old buildings. More people in London than anywhere else in the UK are turning to Google to deal with their ghost problem at home, and outside of residential houses, London has a great deal more buildings that are said to be haunted.

For those of you who live in London, Leeds or Manchester and are afraid of ghosts, leave plenty of lights on, don’t go out during the Witching Hour and we are sure you’ll be fine!

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