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Friends Reunion: The One with the Top 10 Friends Memories

The Friends Reunion has us thinking back to all the amazing things that happened in this hit show. It was really hard, but we’ve ranked our top 10 Friends moments!

Friends Reunion

Watching the Friends all leave their keys in Monica’s empty apartment and walk out that door made us tear up like we were rubbing our eyes with chilli paste. (Last time we try Indian cooking). So, when we got the chance to see all our Friends again, we were super excited.

A new episode of the characters coming together would have been amazing. Watching them hang out in Central Perk again, likely drinking vegan soy lattes and eating quinoa muffins.... (New York is so hipster), yeah, that would have been amazing.

But, bringing the actors together to talk about the show did make us look back at the show in its entirety and think, ‘Yeah, they nailed it.’ No need to start any new plots and ruin the closure.

Still, that did get us thinking about our favourite and most memorable parts of Friends, which we’ve ranked here…

Our Top 10 Friends Moments, Ranked!

OK, here we go!

10. Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes



If you hide all of Joey’s underwear, he’ll do the opposite. He’ll wear everything you own. And he will go commando!

Thanks to Chandler, we don’t have to find this one out for ourselves.

9. Monica does the turkey dance



Next time you accidentally chop someone’s toe off after trying to get revenge, you know just how to make them feel better. Why did no one think of the turkey head wearing sunglasses and a fez before this!?

This is actually a really sweet moment in the show, too, because this is when Chandler tells Monica that he loves her for the first time.

8. Chandler and Phoebe’s date



‘They don’t know that we know they know we know.’

This game of date chicken got out of control and ended up in a super weird, creepy, awkward date. Or, in our case, a date.

Again, though, it ends up sweeter than a roll of pastilles, because this is the first time that Chandler tells his friends that he loves Monica.

7. Unagi



Unagi, salmon skin roll. Potato, potahto. Whatever name it goes by, the state of mind that keeps you perfectly aware at all times is vital. After all, you never know when your friends are going to jump out from behind your curtains.

6. Pivot!



Ah, Pivot! So, that’s the secret to getting a sofa up a tight flight of stairs. Thanks Ross, our next moving day is going to be a piece of cake.

5. Ross’s fake tan



Everyone knows that when you go into a tanning booth, you count to three and then turn. Count to three, Mississippilessly. Everyone knows that, except Ross.

Still, watching Ross look like just the front of him had been on a Caribbean holiday was a laugh out loud moment. So, we’re glad he threw in those Mississippis.

4. Ross’s leather pants



Why do bad things happen to Ross? Oh yeah, because he didn’t have Chandler’s sarcasm to keep him from buying super tight, hot, and sticky leather trousers that he couldn’t pull back up. Even with powder and cream.

We’d say there are worse ways to come out of a bathroom. But, we don’t have to lie to spare his feelings. So, we won’t.

3. Ross’s sandwich



We’ve all had those moments. You don’t ever want to freak out at the people you work with, but if they keep messing with the food you’re bring to work for lunch… well, you just have to push in your eyes and turn redder than a sleeping sunbather.

We’re looking at you, whoever swooped that carefully labelled yoghurt last Wednesday. 

2. We were on a break



Thank you, Friends, for teaching us there’s no such thing as a break. And, if there is, you still shouldn’t sleep with a Xerox girl on the first night of it. And, if you do that, definitely don’t try to justify it by screaming, ‘We were on a break.’

1. The Prom Video / You’re My Lobster



Ross was always putting his foot in it harder than an Italian grape stomper. But, the prom video was excellent for getting him out for trouble for ‘the list’ and getting him into that memorable, iconic relationship with Rachel.

Plus, this episode introduced us to Phoebe’s lobster theory! Two icons in one go!

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