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Guardians of the Galaxy comes to Secret Cinema

For the first time ever, Secret Cinema is letting you enter the universe of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And, with a Guardians of the Galaxy theme, it promises to be crazier than Rocket. We take a look!


What is Secret Cinema?


Secret Cinema does away with the idea of just watching movies. Instead, it lets you experience them, like you’re actually a part of the film. And, for film fans, that’s huge!


It has created experiences for some amazing movies and TV shows in the past, like Back to the Future, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Stranger Things, and much more.


But, this time, it’s the turn of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Yep, for the first time ever, Secret Cinema has teamed up with Disney to put fans INTO the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


What can you expect from the Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema?


The idea is that Yondu is personally looking for new recruits to join his Ravager team. Once inducted, you’ll set off into outer space, team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, experience one-of-a-kind adventures, and enjoying one of the best nights out in the galaxy.


The experience will recreate some of the most awesome locations in the film series. You could be in for some seriously cool partying in the ice of Contraxia. Or, maybe you’ll be behind bars in the infamous Kyln prison. And, who knows, you could end up inside the severed head of a Celestial, exploring Knowhere and hanging out with Groot.


Wherever you end up, you can look forward to some awesome entertainment. You could ditch the firefights in favour of intergalactic dance-offs, or maybe get sucked into a terrific tournament in space. And, you might just save the galaxy while doing it all.


Also, get ready for some out-of-this-world cuisine. But, don’t worry, we’re pretty sure Terran isn’t on the menu.


Oh, and coolest part of all, you get to do some cosplay. It doesn’t have to outright blue make-up and a mohawk style fin. But, you’ll get assigned a character and you can do a little something to your outfit as a nod to that rad Ravager.


You can either buy tickets just for the extraterrestrial entertainment, or you can get a bundle that will also include the movie. It’s cheaper if you go as a family or a group of four friends, so it’s definitely worth getting the gang together for a galactic blowout.


Find out more about Secret Cinema Guardians of the Galaxy tickets here!    


Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema location


It’s all hush-hush. Because, like, it’s Secret Cinema.


So, while we can’t tell you the exact location of this experience, we can tell you that our recon team reported back that it’ll take place somewhere in Wembley, London.


Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema dates

The Guardians of the Galaxy London Experience 2022 starts in August, but tickets for August are already sold out. Don’t worry, though. It runs for a few months.


Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema dates are from August 2022 to 30 October 2022.


Guardians of the Galaxy Secret Cinema cosplay



So, with your ticket secured, you’ll need some cosplay or some sort of nod to the Ravagers. Where could you get some awesome Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise? Hmmm, tough one.


Oh, wait, we’re being as stupid as Taserface’s name. You’ve already found the perfect site.


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Main image credit: Disney/Marvel via British Theatre

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