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How Star Wars The Bad Batch Fits Into the Star Wars Universe

The Bad Batch, which releases on Disney+ on May the 4th, is yet another great example of a show fitting into the Star Wars canon. Here’s how they did it!

Do you sense that? A million spoilers just cried out!

What is Star Wars The Bad Batch all about?

The Bad Batch is an upcoming animated series that is set to air on Disney Plus on International Star Wars Day, May the 4th. Like other Star Wars stories, such as The Mandalorian and Rogue One, it isn’t directly based on central characters, but it does tie into the Star Wars universe… or, rather, galaxy!

So, the big question is, how does it tie in? Where is it based in the timeline and how closely is it related to the central story thread? Plus, are there going to be any cool character crossovers from other shows or series in the Star Wars canon? We will look into all of these mysteries right now!

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How Does the Bad Batch fit into the Star Wars timeline?

The Bad Batch is a definite sequel to the Clone Wars, and carries on directly after that saga, following the exploits of Clone Force 99. We focus on a group of five elite clone troopers who go by the names of Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, Echo, and Wrecker.

The series picks up after the Army of the Republic has officially become the Army of the Empire. This little unit of five troopers was seen to be an asset in the Clone Wars, but they don’t seem to have the level of discipline that the Empire requires, so they’re seen as a problem needing attention.

That, of course, kicks off a crazy adventure that’s bound to deliver loads of action. But, as for the exact place that it fits into the whole saga? It slots in nicely between The Clone Wars and Rogue One.

Crossover characters that we’ll see in The Bad Batch

We’ve only got the trailer to work from. But, looking that, there are quite a few characters from other parts of the universe that will appear in the Bad Batch. Plus, if the Mandalorian is anything to go by, we may just see even more cameos make an appearance as the series carries on.

But, for now, here are the characters that we know we’ll see.

Fennec Shand



The Mandalorian is brilliant in many ways, but one especially cool part of it is all the smaller characters that the show brings in and fleshes out. One particular character is Fennec Shand, the galactic sniper, who will appear in the Bad Batch.

We know that Fannec Shand hones her skill and eventually teams up with Boba Fett. But, how did she start out? The Bad Batch, which takes place before the Resistance begins, will be a great glimpse into her younger self.

Saw Gerrera



Saw Gerrera saw a lot of stuff in the Clone Wars. Then, we got to see him as a live action version in Rogue One. Now he’s back to continue his story in the Bad Batch.

As we know from Rogue One, the decades of fighting have taken it out of poor Saw. Even though he’s always keen for a fight, his body isn’t always there for him. But, in the Bad Batch, we’ll get to see him just after the Clone Wars, looking slightly less battered.

How big a part Saw Gerrera will play in the Bad Batch still remains to be seen. After all, we just have a glimpse of him the trailers. But, this is another great opportunity to bridge the gap a bit between the younger and older versions of Saw.

Captain Rex



We’ve become pretty familiar with Clone Captain Rex though the Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Last we saw of him, Rex was switching allegiances following Order 66. But, he clearly didn’t disappear into the Rebellion as we were led to believe.

It seems that Rex helped the Bad Batch escape the Empire, or maybe helped them plot to take it down? We can’t be sure as we only caught a glimpse of him in the trailers. But, we’re really happy to see Rex’s story continue.

Dark Troopers



The Dark Troopers were severely menacing in the finale of the Mandalorian Season 2. But, they had only just reached their pinnacle under Moff Gideon’s guidance. The Bad Batch gives us a chance to see earlier renditions as they take on Clone Force 99 in a test.   

Is this just a little nod to the Dark Troopers or is it teasing that they’ll be a serious force to be reckoned with? We don’t know yet. But, if a swarm of Dark Troopers does attempt to take out this little squad ‘more powerful than an army’, we’re sure it’ll be spectacular.




We saw a bit of the slave trade in the Clone Wars, which was fitting, really, given Anakin’s past as a slave. And, it looks like they’re back in the Bad Bunch. This is quite interesting, given that it takes place as the Empire is just beginning. Are slaves literally helping build the Empire?

We’re not sure what type of role the slavers will be playing, but they could make life very difficult for the Bad Batch.

Where to watch the Bad Batch

Catch Star Wars The Bad Batch on Disney Plus on May the 4th for its whopping, 70-minute first episode. After that, regular episodes will air each Friday.

No particular number of episodes has been confirmed, but word in the galaxy says that there will be a minimum of 14 episodes.

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