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Loki: The Legend in Numbers

Warning: spoilers for the season finale of Loki ahead!


While we’re all still reeling from the incredible final episode of what we now know is season one of Loki, here at Lost Universe we decided to analyse everyone’s favourite Norse antihero…

So, it’s official, the multiverse has been unleashed and Loki will return to our screens for a second series. Those were just two of the revelations in an outstanding final episode that caps off a hugely successful third Marvel Cinematic Universe series on Disney Plus.

Another was that He Who Remains was behind the shady Time Variance Authority and that one of his variants, Kang the Conqueror, will likely be the antagonist of the next season of Loki, as well as the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. However, fans hoping for an ending scene of Loki jet skiing with Mobius or living happily ever after with Sylvie were disappointed – Mobius and B-15 didn’t recognise Loki in his new universe, while Sylvie’s fate remains unknown.

With so much to explore and analyse about this critically acclaimed series, we decided to rewatch every episode to put together a summary of Loki in numbers.

Loki combat breakdown

The first thing we decided to track throughout the series was the fights. Loki himself (that’s Tom Hiddleston’s protagonist Loki variant, to avoid any confusion!) racked up two kills and landed 12 blows across his nine fights. This puts him significantly behind variant Sylvie, who landed three times as many punches and kicks and posted six times as many kills! She also pruned the most characters, making Sylvie by far the most dangerous character throughout the show. Maybe the TVA were right to assign her more security than Loki!

Loki use of powers

When it came to using magic and powers, however, it was Loki who topped our charts, utilising his various shapeshifting, illusion-creating powers 18 times throughout the course of season one, compared to 13 times for Sylvie. We can’t not mention Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki here too, whose creation of the illusion of Asgard to distract Alioth (and his resulting sacrifice) allowed Loki and Sylvie to travel on to the Citadel at the End of Time.

There were also a mind-boggling 18 timelines and 65 timeline jumps, mainly from TVA agents, although Loki had the most individual jumps with 12, throughout the series. With the multiverse now in play, don’t expect that to slow down in season two!

Loki bad memory loop

The trickster Loki didn’t have things all his own way though – before Mobius released him, he had to endure 15 minutes in a bad memory time loop with Sif, who delivered him an eye-watering 24 slaps, 24 headbutts and 24 kicks to the Asgardian crown jewels.

Loki common words

We didn’t just look into violence and superpowers though, as we also analysed the most commonly used words and phrases in Loki. “TVA” and “variant” were joint top, on 95 mentions apiece, followed by “time-keepers” (59) and “timeline” (50). With an infinite number of He Who Remains variants in the multiverse, these numbers only look likely to increase as we head into series two, with the exception of “TVA” – Sylvie may well have put an end to that one.

Loki jet ski references

Finally, we couldn’t analyse these common themes without touching on the most iconic of the series: Mobius’s jet ski. We can only hope that, somewhere in one of the many multiverses created at the end of the finale, Owen Wilson’s character is jet skiing around on the ocean to his heart’s content.

Did we get everything right? Maybe you think we missed something in our analysis? Let us know in the comments, or take a look at some of our amazing Loki and Marvel products below.


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Main image credit: Disney/Marvel via Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki

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