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Marvel Merchandise: What to Buy for Christmas 2020

Are you shopping for someone who’s a huge Marvel fan? Great! We have a list of 8 items of Marvel merch that they’ll find (ahem) Marvellous!

8 Great Examples of Marvel Merch

So, you know someone who’s a massive Marvel fan. But, you sometimes struggle to sort your Peter Quill from your Peter Parker, so aren’t sure what to buy them? No problem. We’ve come up with a list of 8 miraculous Marvel products that they’ll a-Thor… er, sorry, adore!

  1. Marvel Deadpool Interactive Head

Marvel Deadpool Hasbro Premium Interactive Head

What goes on inside Deadpool’s head? You can ask it yourself! This Deadpool Interactive Head is (spoiler alert) interactive, so it responds to you touching it and making sounds around it.

Pick him up, move him around, or clap near him and the Merc with a Mouth will sound off with more insults than you see in a YouTube video’s comments. And yes, his mouth is dirtier than the deep fryer of an unlicensed chimichanga cart. So, this one’s strictly 18+… just like Wade Wilson’s bookmarked sites. 

  1. The Punisher Dressing Gown

Marvel The Punisher Robe

Let’s be Frank (Castle). It’s totally possible with this Marvel Punisher dressing gown, though let’s leave the hell-bent vengeance to the comics, mmkay? 

Even though The Punisher himself is hard as nails, this gown is amazingly soft and cosy, made from fluffy polyester fleece. With one size fitting most, it’s a fantastic item for Punisher fans to relax in after a punishing day.

  1. Marvel Classic Logo Snapback Cap

Marvel Classic Logo Snapback Cap

Are you someone that walks around with comics on the brain? Well, now you can be, literally, with this Marvel Classic Logo Snapback.

This cap is printed with black and white panels from classic Marvel comics, featuring early illustrations of some of your favourite characters. And, it has puff embroidery of the Marvel logo right on the front. With a snapback fastening, one size fits most.

  1. Thor Hammer 3D Wall Light

Thor Hammer 3D Deco Light

Usually smashing is reserved for the Hulk. Though, Chris Hemsworth’s muscles are fairly smashing, aren’t they? Point is, now it’s Thor’s turn to do some smashing. Or, more accurately, it’s Mjolnir’s turn!

This Thor Hammer 3D Light is wall-mounted, making it look like Mjolnir has been slammed into the wall. And, it even comes with a crack sticker to complete the effect. It’s great to use as a mood light in a gaming den or as a night light in a young Thor fan’s bedroom.

  1. Marvel Logo Light – Only at Lost Universe

EXCLUSIVE Marvel Logo Light

In the battle between light and darkness, Marvel’s heroes certainly stand for light. (Though Deadpool might blur the line a bit). And, this Marvel logo desk lamp is the perfect way to represent that light.

This Marvel light features the iconic logo, which lights up in two lighting modes. You can choose between phase on and light pulsing effects. This light is excellent for gaming dens, fan caves, bedrooms, and more!

  1. Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Mug

Marvel Avengers End Game Gauntlet Mug

This Infinity Gauntlet mug has all of the Infinity Stones pre-collected for you, though it still doesn’t have the power to dissolve half of the universe. But, if you dunk a digestive biscuit in it for a few seconds, it’ll dissolve half of that in a snap!

  1. Infinity Gauntlet Christmas Stocking

EXCLUSIVE Marvel Thanos Gauntlet Christmas Stocking

We’ll bet that toddler Thanos used to hangd this Infinity Gauntlet Christmas Stocking by his fireplace every year in hopes that Father Christmas would fill it with Infinity Stones. Good thing Titan is a little beyond ol’ Santa’s range.

Still, if you’re a Thanos fan, you can hang this in your home this year. It has a soft, fleece texture and embroidered details, which include the Infinity Stones. But, don’t worry, it won’t disintegrate half of your presents!

  1. Marvel Comic Metal Water Bottle – Only at Lost Universe

Marvel Comic Metal Water Bottle EXCLUSIVE

Do you sleep, eat, and breathe Marvel comics? Well, now you can drink them too. Kind of. This Marvel comics water bottle is covered with vintage panels of some Marvel’s most awesome characters!

This water bottle is made of metal, making it as hard as Iron Man’s fists. And, it’s double walled, so it keeps cool drinks cool and warm drinks as warm as the Human Torch. Almost.

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Huge Selection of Marvel Merchandise at Lost Universe

These Marvel products are sure to go down as spectacularly as the final battle in Avengers: Endgame. But, if you’re curious to see what else is available, check out our extensive collection of Marvel merch on our site!

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