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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Super Presents for Your Super Mum!

Pop culture’s full of some super cool women, just like your mum. So, for a great Mother’s Day gift idea, check out these 10 amazingly geeky gifts!

10 Fan-tastic Mother’s Day Presents

When women become mothers, they have to grow up (at least a bit). But, if your mum is still a bit of a child at heart, or is a huge geek (you lucky fish), she’s sure to love these 10 geeky Mother’s Day presents.

1. Slush Puppie Machine

slush puppie machine

If your mum always orders the ‘grown up’ drinks at the movies and then stares at your Slush Puppie with a longing in her eyes, this is the gift for her. This officially licensed Slush Puppie machine makes delicious slushies in your very own home!

2. Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light 

Disney Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light

This replica of the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast is Belle-issimo! But, it’s not just for show. Touch the glass dome and this lamp lights up brighter than Beast after Belle kissed him on the cheek!

3. Disney Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Shoulder Bag

Disney Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Shoulder Bag

You want to put a smile on your mum’s face on Mother’s Day, right? So, give her a gift with the smile already right on it! If your mum’s a Disney fan, she’ll go mad as a hatter over this Cheshire Cat shoulder bag, complete with a fluffy tail zip pull.

4. Friends Central Perk Dressing Gown 

Friends Central Perk White Bathrobe

Do you want to give your mum a gift that says, ‘I’ll be there for you’? Then this Friends Central Perk dressing gown is it! It’s fluffier than cappuccino foam and more comfortable than Joey’s Lazy Boy chair. Plus, it’s detailed with the Friends and Central Perk logos!

5. DC Wonder Woman Vintage Loungefly Backpack

Wonder Woman Vintage Nylon Square Backpack Loungefly

Is your mum a bit of Wonder in your eyes? Does she have super strength when it comes to chopping butternuts in half and can she always get the truth out of you, even without a lasso? Then this Loungefly Wonder Woman vintage backpack is a great gift for her.

The ‘vintage’ part refers to Wonder Woman’s classic costume, definitely not your mum’s age. And, we wouldn’t recommend dropping any comments unless your mum can take a joke like Diana Prince can take a punch.

6. Disney Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug

Disney Beauty & The Beast Chip Mug

Want to give your mum an extra special cuppa on Mother’s Day? Be our guest! This Beauty and the Beast Chip mug is a brilliant replica of the classic mug from the animated hit. He’s really a Chip off the old Potts.


7. DC Supergirl Women’s T-Shirt

Supergirl Women’s T-Shirt

Mums are real-life superheroes. There’s no two ways about it. So, to show your mum that you recognise her powers, get her this Supergirl T-shirt! It has a fitted shape and is available in multiple sizes, so you don’t have to worry about it being too Krypto-tight.

8. DC Wonder Woman Stronger Than You Think Mug

DC Wonder Woman Stronger Than You Mug

Could you face the morning after a night of more nappy changes than hours of sleep? Mums are stronger than a lot of people think. And, this Wonder Woman mug is a great way to show it. We’ll bet the coffee in it is stronger than people think too.


9. Marvel Black Widow A5 Notebook

Marvel The Black Widow A5 Notebook

Just like superheroes, mums can be late from time to time. But, it’s always because they’re out doing important things. This Black Widow notebook is a great way for your mum to remind the world just how important mums are!


10. Jurassic Park Clever Girls Inherit The Earth Women's T-Shirt

Jurassic Park Clever Girls Inherit The Earth Women's T-Shirt

Clever girls inherit the Earth. You inherit your mum’s good genes. You use your inherited thoughtfulness to buy her this Jurassic Park t-shirt on Mother’s Day. Did a T-Rex just walk past? Because, BOOM!

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Make This Mother’s Day Special

As we mentioned, mums are the real superheroes of this planet. So, it makes sense to get your mum a superhero-themed present this year. You’ll find plenty of those on our site. So, for a fan-tastic Mother’s Day gift idea, head over to Lost Universe now!

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