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National Pizza Day: The Biggest Pizza Fans in Pop Culture

The 9th of February is National Pizza Day. Here are 5 fantastic pizza lovers from pop culture that will inspire you to enjoy it the right way!

What is National Pizza Day and why do we celebrate it?

OK, so before we start celebrating the love for pizza that some of pop culture most famous characters have, let’s look at our own love for pizza. After all, that’s what inspired National Pizza Day!

Yep, after extensive research (checking two sites before getting sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole), we can confidently say that National Pizza Day doesn’t have a clear origin… other than people loving pizza.

There’s no big back-story, like a pizza acting as a life raft for a family lost at sea, or a pizza being the food eaten at the historical Secret Treaty of Mount Boredstudents. Nope, it’s just that people want another reason (other than it being Friday and they don’t feel like cooking) to tuck into this Italian bliss-on-a-plate.

And, we’re down with that. So, now we know why we’re celebrating pizza on the 9th of February, let’s look at how to do it right. (Not that there’s a wrong way to eat pizza.)

5 pop culture icons who love pizza

If you want some inspiration as far as true pizza enjoyment goes, follow in the footsteps of these pizza-adoring greats.

1. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are rigorous about two things: mastery of the martial arts and pizza consumption. Pizza’s not just a special treat for them, it’s a staple.

Now, we don’t think un-mutated turtles are quite as fanatical about this disc-shaped treat. But, the mutagen gave the Turtles human traits, and the humans living in New York do tend to have a fondness for pizza. So, it checks out.

2. Joey from Friends


To say Joey is a fan of pizza is like saying that Stan Lee was a comics fan. It was a lifetime obsession for Stan, much like Joey and his pizza.

For starters, we know that Joey has the pizzeria on his speed dial and knows the delivery people like they’re close friends… family, even. We also know that Joey has a special place reserved for the pizza box on his lounger chair. And, we know that he has a specific Friday ritual since he feels that ‘Thanksgiving with no turkey is like Friday with no two pizzas.’

Yep, Joey’s relationship with pizza far outweighs anything he’s ever had with a woman.

3. Kevin McCallister from Home Alone


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When Kevin is left home alone, he’s happy for a few reasons. One of the main ones: he doesn’t have to worry about his big brother Buzz eating his whole cheese pizza and then rubbing it (or pretending to throw it up) in his face.

One of the first things young Kevin does is order a lovely cheese pizza from Little Nero’s, giving the delivery guy a bit of PTSD in the process. ‘Keep the change ya filthy animal’ indeed. Ah, to be young and in love… with pizza.

4. Andy Davis from Toy Story


Andy’s family may just go to Pizza Planet the one time in Toy Story. But, in Toy Story 3 he talks about it being his favourite restaurant when he was young.

Whether he’s a fan because of the pizza alone or the pizzeria’s awesome spacey atmosphere, we can’t be sure. But, knowing how awesome pizza is, we have to say that this delicious treat played a big part in putting Pizza Planet at the top of his list.

5. Homer from The Simpsons


We’ll admit that, when you think of Homer Simpson and food, doughnuts come to mind. But, Homer has a very special place in his heart, and his stomach, for pizza.

The delicious dinner that he calls ‘The food of kings’ has actually been featured in over 100 episodes of The Simpsons. He’s used this carb-rich food to hit his goal weight, he’s imagined his dog’s head as pizza box, and has dreamed about eating it in the shower.

So, can we call Homer a pizza fan? Uh, yeah, he loves a good slice of cheese on (ahem) doh!

national pizza day pizza slice

How to enjoy your pizza on National Pizza Day

Look, there’s not a lot of tradition to honour here. And, we don’t want to stifle your creativity. So, you enjoy your pizza however you like.

We will make one suggestion, though. Pair it with your favourite drink in a fan-themed mug, glass, or tankard. Go on, do your pop culture pizza heroes proud.

Wash down your pizza with these mugs and glasses!

Everybody loves pizza

Sometimes real life and fiction are more different than tax returns and orang-utans. But, in the case of pizza, they intertwine perfectly. Whether you’re a Ninja Turtle or a normal human, you likely love pizza.

So, even though we’re not sure why there’s a special day just for pizza, we’re super glad there is. It gives us a chance to be just like the pop culture legends we love. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to binge on a deep dish.

Here’s wishing you a very happy National Pizza Day!

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