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New Pokémon Snap Game – Release Date, Platform, and More

Pokémon Snap has been recreated for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s the perfect chill game for 2021. Find out more about it in our game preview here!

About New Pokémon Snap

Why the NEW in New Pokémon Snap? Well, that’s because this game is a new version of an old game. If you’re a seasoned gamer or you’re into the whole retro thing, you may remember or know of the OG Pokémon Snap, which came out in 1999 on Nintendo 64!

In Pokémon Snap, you play as a Pokémon photographer who roams the world of the Pokémon and captures them… or rather, captures pictures of them… in their natural habitat. There’s no fighting and no sweaty-palm tension. It’s just a chilled out time amongst the Pokémon.

New Pokémon Snap is inspired by the N64 game, but is made especially for the new generation of graphics processors. So, goodbye blocky imagery that’s squarer than an ‘80s sports car. Hello lush, beautiful landscapes and perfectly rendered Pokémon that the camera loves!

It’s a truly fantastic game for when you want to destress after a zombie apocalypse RPG or just unwind after a long day.

New Pokémon Snap Release Date

New Pokémon Snap drops on the 30th of April 2021!

New Pokémon Snap Platform

Being a Nintendo game, this one’s just for the Nintendo Switch. But, it has multiple supported play modes, letting you play it in TV mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode.

Number of Players in New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is made for one player. It’s just you out there in the Lental region, exploring and documenting as you go.

This makes it ideal to just immerse yourself in the world, relax as you take in the scenery, and sharpen your photography skills without any kind of pressure.

new pokemon snap gameplay screenshot

Credit: Nintendo via denofgeek.com

New Pokémon Snap Gameplay

As mentioned, the gameplay is largely about moving around the world of the Pokémon and photographing them. But, it’s not entirely aimless. It’s up to you to research the Pokémon’s behavioural patterns as they guard their territory, play amongst each other, or find new spots to hide away.

In doing this, you’ll explore unknown islands in your handy travel pod, called the NEO-ONE, and travel across beaches, deserts, jungles, and even underwater seascapes. And, you can throw fruit to the Pokémon to catch their attention and get great shots.

Oh, and you’ll investigate the fantastic Illumina phenomenon alongside Professor Mirror. This happens in the Lental region, where some of the plants and Pokémon seem to glow. Strange.

Build and Share Your Pokémon Photo Album

As you go, you’ll build an amazing Pokémon Photodex. This is made up of the pictures that you take in the game.

As you travel the region, you’ll just be concentrating on snapping away, getting the best photos possible. But, once you’ve completed your course, you can enter Re-Snap mode.

In Re-Snap mode, you can edit your images. Adjust the brightness, zoom, blur, and all sorts of other settings to make sure your images look their best. Then, you can personalise them further with stickers, filters, and frames. Lastly, share them with your family and friends via your Nintendo Switch Online membership!

Get Competitive

So, this game is definitely about relaxing and simply enjoying the awesomeness of the Pokémon. But, if you’ve got a bit of a competitive streak, you’ll be happy to hear about the ranking system.

Basically, your photos are scored based on a few things. Is the Pokémon facing the camera? How big does it look in the frame? What is it doing? What sort of pose is it in? All these things go towards your photos’ scores, and you’ll be awarded stars.

Free hint: photograph the Pokémon doing rare things and you might get a four-star rating!

If you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can share your scores and see how your photography measures up against the other Pokémon photographers of the world.

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Main image credit: Nintendo via gamerant.com

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