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The 10 Best Black Widow Moments from the MCU

As we get ready for Black Widow’s long overdue standalone movie, let’s look back on the 10 coolest Black Widow moments from the MCU so far!

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A character that came into the MCU as early as Iron Man 2, Black Widow has been kicking the butts of bad guys for almost as long as Iron Man and the Hulk. But, we’re only now getting to see her in her very own movie.

Not that we’re complaining.

In fact, for as much as we know about Nat, there’s so much that we don’t. The whole MCU has been very good at keeping Black Widow’s past a mystery. So, now that we know how she meets her fate in Avengers Endgame, this seems like the perfect time to look into her origins.

After all, when better to spill secrets about a spy than after their funeral?

OK, so that got more morbid than we ere expecting. Let’s cheer things up with a fun stroll down memory lane. Here we go…

Black Widow’s 10 Best MCU Moments

Counting down to 1, here are the 10 moments that thrilled us the most out of years of awesome Black Widow moments:

10. The interrogation in Avengers Assemble

“I’m in the middle of an interrogation. This moron is giving me everything.”

Although we had already met Natasha, this was such a great way to introduce her in Avengers Assemble. This scene showed us how she wasn’t all about the martial arts and could skilfully manipulate people into getting the information she was after.

Of course, we got to see a lot of martial arts as well, but that just made this scene even cooler and more memorable.

9. Taming the Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Hulk is big and scary, even to the fellow Avengers on his team. So, it says a lot about Black Widow – a member with no real superpowers – that she’s the one who is able to get the big guy to chill out.

8. Taking down Black Panther in Civil War

Wanting to put her past behind her, Natasha did the right thing and sided with Tony Stark in the whole Sokovia Accords situation. This was especially hard for her, considering the way she helped Cap through the Hydra/SHIELD debacle in Winter Soldier.

But, when she saw Black Panther’s unyielding thirst for revenge almost stop Bucky Barnes getting any kind of justice, she stepped in. This is a great moment for showing us that Nat isn’t so much about sides as she is about doing what’s right.

7. Snapping Hawkeye out of his daze in Avengers Assemble

When a god of mischief casts a spell over your mind, you’d think you’d need some serious magic to undo it. But, Nat went at Hawkeye’s head like it was an old school TV that couldn’t get any reception. She hit it really hard.

It was a brilliant showdown of the ‘non powered’ Avengers and Black Widow came out on top, landing the knockout blow.

6. Out mind-gaming Loki in Avengers Assemble

We know that Loki thinks himself superior to humans. So, he must have felt so clever reducing Natasha to a weepy mess with his whole ‘mewling quim’ remark.

And, then, he must’ve felt super stupid when he found out she was playing him the whole time. Outsmarting the god of mischief was definitely one of her best moments ever.

5. Awesome espionage in the Winter Soldier

Alexander Pierce went all Bond villain in the Winter Soldier, revealing his whole plan to Natasha without even knowing it.

This was another awesome moment of Natasha working her undercover powers, having posed as Council Member Hawley. Then, in classic Black Widow style, she delivers a beatdown.

4. The Hammer Industries fight

This fight might not get the credit it deserves because it’s the first fight in a long line of fights. But, for us, that’s what makes it so awesome.

Before this, we saw Natasha pretending to be a subservient legal assistant slash sexual harassment lawsuit to Tony Stark. But, in this moment, she steps out and shows us the highly trained assassin that she is, taking down a whole gaggle of henchmen while Happy fiddles around with one guy in reception. Er, that came out wrong.

3. Hitching a ride with the Chitauri in Avengers Assemble

Black Widow would have been forgiven for wanting to sit out the Chitauri fight. She would definitely have been forgiven for staying on the ground and taking on random warriors who came her way. But, instead, she jumped onto a Chitauri glider and took out a whole lot of them.

This is a great scene for showing us just how dangerous Black Widow is. She might not have super strength, energy blasts, or lighting. But, she’s got a very unique set of skills that you definitely don’t want to be on the wrong side of. Even if you are an alien invader.

2. Her fight with Proxima Midnight in Infinity War

Proxima Midnight thought it was cool to mess with Scarlett Witch. Yeah, no. This was a super cool girl power moment when Black Widow and Okoye stepped in to help, teaching Proxima Midnight a lesson that she would never forget… if she had survived the whoopin’.

Again, this shows just how good a fighter Black Widow actually is. Because, that space girl was not messing around. But she got messed up.

1. Black Widow’s sacrifice

What a moment for Black Widow. We know from Avengers Assemble that Natasha feels this need to make up for her past, doing whatever she can to make a difference. And, she made one of the biggest differences in the movie.

Not only did her sacrifice get the Avengers the Soul Stone, but she managed to save Clint’s life so he could see his family again. It was a big lump in the throat moment and an amazing way to round out Black Widow’s character arc.

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Black Widow release date UK

Black Widow will release in the UK on 9 July 2021.


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