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The 5 Best Loki Moments from the MCU, and 5 Worst

Loki treats the line between good and evil like a skipping rope. Let’s take a look at 5 of his best and 5 of his worst moments in the MCU. We list them here!

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Credit: Disney/Marvel via Radio Times

Loki’s 5 Best and 5 Worst Moments

Loki, the brother of Thor, is one of the most interesting and (dare we say) loveable villains in the MCU. Why? Well, it’s because he’s complicated.

Unlike Thanos, Dormammu, Hela, or Ultron, he’s not clearly evil. He’s just in it for personal gain… or is he? Loki’s constant trickery and veering morals mean you never know what to expect from him, which makes him awesome to watch.

So, ahead of the new Loki series on Disney+, we thought we’d have a look at his best and worst moments in the Marvel MCU so far.

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5 Best Loki Moments

1. Loki nearly takes over Earth



In Avengers Assemble, Loki uses Thanos and his army of Chitauri to try to take over Earth. And, if it wasn’t for a lucky nuke that Tony popped up their wormhole (that’s not a euphemism), he may just have succeeded.   

Why is this major act of villainy in his best moments? It’s because it’s far grander than all of Loki’s prior backstabbing and manipulating. He steps up and takes on the newly minted Avengers, proving himself a powerful villain to be taken seriously rather than the petulant prince we saw in Thor.

2. Loki gets smashed



OK, this isn’t exactly a triumphant moment for Loki. Although, it does help us see the funny side of the God of Mischief.

But, the reason that this scene makes it onto this list is that it shows us how Loki sees himself. We know that he has a superiority complex, especially for the likes of Earthlings, but his words to Hulk sum up his self-esteem perfectly:

“Enough! You are, all of you are beneath me! I am a god, you dull creature, and I will not be bullied by...”

And then, you know, he gets thrown around like a rolled-up newspaper being used to swat a fly. But, up until that, he’s impressive.

3. Loki sacrifices himself for Thor



Thor: The Dark World is possibly one of the least-liked Marvel MCU films. But, it is fantastic for showing us the extent of Loki’s manipulations and deceit. It looks like he’s sold Thor out yet again when he cuts off Thor’s hand and throws him down a mountain, but it was all a trick so Thor could get a shot at the Dark Elves.

It’s impressive from Loki. But, after that, Loki takes on Kurse to save Thor… who he’s tried to kill so many times. That's really impressive.

Was it out of guilt for his mother’s death or was it because he knew Thor stood a better chance of defeating the Dark Elves? We’re not sure if it was selfish or selfless, but that’s the beauty of Loki.

4. Loki reveals the truth in prison

loki in prison

Credit: Disney/Marvel via Film School Rejects

Loki is all about trickery and mind-games. So, when he drops the façade and shows the real extent of his grief in prison, it’s a truly honest scene and creates a turning point for the character, at least in Thor: The Dark World.

5. Loki sacrifices himself for Thor again

loki death thanos avengers infinity war

Credit: Disney/Marvel via Reddit

In the opening scene of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos has beaten the Hulk like a bunch of eggs for an omelette and has Thor wrapped up in metal. Loki, who is free to move around, tries to stab him, once again sacrificing his life for Thor.

Given that Loki is all about his own interests, it is yet another redeeming moment. It would have been easy for him to talk his way back into Thanos’ good graces and make sure he’s around after the snap. But, instead, he saves Thor. Kind of.

Did he know that he would have another shot at life in Endgame? Or, was he just doing the right thing? Here again, with his track record of trickery, we just don’t know, making it a perfect Loki moment.


5 Worst Loki Moments

1. Loki loses to Black Widow



During that whole ‘mewling quim’ (heads up, don’t Google that at work) exchange, Loki falls right into Natasha’s trap and gives away his master plan for taking over the Helicarrier.

This is one of Loki’s worst moments because it was a battle of wits between two master manipulators. And, Loki, the God of Mischief, was completely outplayed. Of course, his plan still worked out, for the most part, but that’s one defeat he must have taken to heart.

2. Loki kills Coulson



Agent Phil Coulson was a major part of bringing the Avengers together. He was in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Thor, plus he went super fanboy over Captain America. He even let Captain Marvel out of Project Pegasus before Iron Man even hit the scene. So, he was a big part of the team.

Then Loki went and killed him like it was nothing. Fans are all for a bit of mischief, but this one hurt. The one good thing that came out of it was that Coulson’s death united the squabbling Avengers in Avengers Assemble.

3. Loki helps the Dark Elves

kurse thro the dark world

Credit: Disney/Marvel via Comic Vine

Loki has so much contempt for Thor and Odin that he showed Kurse the way to get into the palace at Asgard. He was expecting a confrontation, but he didn’t realise that it would be between Kurse and Loki’s mother, Frigga, who was killed as a result.

This hit Loki hard because he definitely favoured his mother. And, it brought about one of many emotional hardships for poor Thor. Definitely not one of Loki’s finest moments.

4. Loki puts Odin into the Odinsleep



In Thor, Loki forced Odin to account for keeping the truth from him his whole life. It’s an honest moment where Loki finally understands that Thor was favoured for king because of his lineage, not because Odin didn’t love Loki.

But, the weight of it all is too much for Odin to take, and he falls into a coma. Then Loki uses that to crush Thor’s will by telling him that Odin was dead, and then sending the Destroyer to take out Thor as well. That’s all especially underhanded.

5. Loki betrays the Frost Giants and tries to destroy Jotunheim

loki freezing heimdall thor

Credit: Disney/Marvel via Fandom

Also in Thor, Loki convinces the Frost Giants that he’s betrayed his father, helping them enter Asgard by freezing Heimdall. But, when they’re in there, he kills their leader, Laufey, and turns the Bifrost on their world to destroy it.

That little power grab makes Thor’s act of war on Jotunheim look downright civilised. This is a real low point in Loki’s character arc, but at the same time it shows us just how ruthless and cunning he actually is.

Loki Release Date

Despite dying at least once in the MCU, Loki is far from gone. We get to see him again soon in Loki the series, which will stream on Disney+ from 9 June 2021!

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Main image credit: Disney/Marvel via Fandom

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