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The 8 Best Star Wars Gifts for Christmas 2020

So you want to get an out-of-this-galaxy gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? Then you’ll love our list of 8 stellar Star Wars gifts!

Top 8 Star Wars Gifts 2020

With so much choice, finding the right gift for the Star Wars fan you know may feel like you’re wandering the deserts of Tatooine. But, we’re here like Obi Wan Kenobi to give you hope. Check out these awesome Star Wars gifts.

  1. Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Cable Guy

The Child Mandalorian Cable Guy tech holder

Awww, The Child is always looking out for Mando, and now he’s looking out for you too. He’s ready to lend a hand by holding your gaming controller or smartphone for you.

This The Child Cable Guy is designed to support PlayStation and Xbox controllers as well as most smartphones. And, it even comes with a charging cable so you can juice it up while it’s in Baby Yoda’s care.  

  1. The Mandalorian The Child Heat Change Mug

The Child Heat Change Mug

Star Wars is not without some magic, and the same should go for its merch. That’s what makes this Mandalorian The Child Heat Change Mug so cool (or hot?). Fill this mug with a warm drink and the image of The Child will appear right before your eyes. Now, that’s cooler than Hoth!

  1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Glass

Star Wars Stormtrooper Glass

Stormtroopers might not have the best aim in the galaxy, but their eye-catching fashion sense is accurate as ever. In fact, it’s cropping up all over the place. Pour a drink into this Stormtrooper Glass, for example, and the liquid forms the unmistakable shape of a Stormtrooper helmet!

  1. The Mandalorian The Child Desk Lamp

Star Wars Mandalorion The Child Desktop Light

Being able to understand languages, work his flying baby stroller, and use the Force, The Child is pretty bright. Literally, when you’re talking about this The Child Desk Lamp!

Not only is this Baby Yoda lamp straight-up adorable, it’s versatile too, giving you a choice of powering it via either USB or batteries.

  1. Star Wars Boba Fett 3D Wall Mounted Light

Star Wars Boba Fett 3D Deco Light

By far the most famous galactic bounty hunter to have fallen into a Sarlacc pit, Boba Fett’s popularity continues to shine. Just like this Boba Fett 3D Wall Mounted Light!

This 3D deco light looks like Boba Fett’s helmet breaking through your wall, and it even comes with a crack effect sticker to complete the illusion. Fettching.

  1. The Mandalorian The Child Plush

Star Wars Mandalorian The Child Plush Toy

We’re with you on this. Ever since you first saw The Child, you wanted to squeeze him. Problem is, flights to Arvala-7 aren’t covered by your air miles. No problem, squeeze this Star Wars The Child Plush Toy instead!  At 11 inches tall, it’s pretty much life sized and has a detailed vinyl head.

  1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Cheeseboard and Knife Set

Star Wars Stormtrooper Cheeseboard and Knife Set

Stormtroopers eat rebel scum for breakfast (or try to, anyway). But, after dinner they prefer a tasteful cheese platter served on this Stormtrooper Cheese Board!  The board slides open to reveal a Stilton Knife, hard cheese knife, and a cheese fork, all engraved with the Stormtrooper helmet design.

  1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Terrarium

Star Wars Stormtrooper Terrarium

What goes on inside a Stormtrooper helmet? Thoughts of expanding and protecting the Empire? Yep. A desire for individuality? Maybe. And, in the case of this Star Wars Stormtrooper Terrarium, miniature plant life!

Grow little succulents, small plants, and cacti in this Stormtrooper helmet. Or get really creative a use it as a sweet jar, money box, or ticket holder for the monthly Death Star raffle.

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