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The 9 Coolest Desk Lamps for Christmas 2020

Are you looking for the perfect mood light for your gaming den or bedroom? These 9 pop culture desk lamps will doom the gloom in your room!

Top 9 Geek Desk Lamps 2020

We superfans of comics, movies, and games don’t like our desk lamps to be plain lamps. We want them to glow with the awesomeness of our favourite franchises… and light, we suppose. So, if you’re looking for a way to really have your fandom shine through, you’ll love these geek desk lamps!

  1. PlayStation Icons Light – Only at Lost Universe!

Sony PlayStation Icon Light XL

If you think a good session of PS gaming is lit, just wait until you get a load of this PlayStation Icons Desk Lamp! It has the classic PS controller icons stacked on top of a base in classic PlayStation grey. And, it has 3 light modes, being solid colour, colour-phasing, and sound-reactive.

It’s brilliant to add to the dramatic ambiance in your gaming den or to use as a nightlight in a young gamer’s room!

  1. Xbox Logo Desk Lamp

Xbox Logo Light

The iconic Xbox logo is now an icon light! Lit up just like the power button on an Xbox, this Xbox Icon Desk Light is a great piece of merch for Xbox gamers.

Again, it’s awesome to add to the ambiance in your gaming den or to use as a nightlight in a mini gamer’s room!

  1. Marvel Hulk Fist 3D Wall Light

Marvel Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light

So, we know Hulk likes to smash things. But, we thought that was maybe limited to bad guys and box office records. In this case, it’s your wall too. In a sense.

This Marvel Hulk Fist 3D Wall Light is made to look like Hulk’s fist smashing through your wall. And, it even comes with a crack effect sticker to complete the effect. Plus, being battery powered, you don’t have any awkward cables hanging about like unfinished story arcs (we’re looking at you, Black Widow-Hulk romance).

  1. Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Desk Lamp

star wars mandalorian the child baby yoda desk lamp

We’ll admit that there are other 50-year-olds who wear nappies, but few of them look as cute as The Child in them. Yes, ‘Baby Yoda’ from the Mandalorian is the light of everyone’s life… and is now the light of your desk, too, thanks to this The Child Desk Lamp!

  1. IT Pennywise Balloon Lamp

IT Pennywise Balloon Lamp

Circus clowns were always borderline. But, only Stephen King could manage to make balloons freaky. Still, if chilling fear is the kind of thing that brightens your day, then you’ll get along with this IT Pennywise Balloon Lamp just fine!

  1. Minecraft Building Block Desk Light

Minecraft Block Building Light

Usually pixels as big and square as ‘80s sports cars are a bad thing in games. But, to Minecraft fans, they’re gold. Or, should we say, Gold Ore? Point is, if you’re a Minecraft fan, you love those big blocks… which is why you’ll love this Minecraft Building Block Desk Lamp too!

The blocks are freely stackable. So, you can create any kind of structure that you like and it’ll still light up. Awesome.

  1. Marvel Logo Desk Lamp – Only at Lost Universe

Marvel Logo Light desk lamp

Which company better represents the struggle of light vs darkness than Marvel? So, it makes sense than this icon for light should be… well, a light. This Marvel Logo Desk Lamp is the ultimate light for Marvel fans to put in their gaming dens, fan caves, or bedrooms.

  1. Tetris Icons Light

Tetris Icons Light desk lamp

Can anything compare to the feeling of placing that long rectangle into the perfect spot and getting rid of like five lines at once? Placing this Tetris Desk Lamp in the perfect spot might just do it!

This officially licensed Tetris light includes three modes, being solid colour, colour-phasing, and music-reactive. So, find the perfect mode for your zone.

  1. Pac-Man Chase Desk Lamp – Only at Lost Universe!

Pac-Man Chase Light desk lamp

Some people love Pac-Man for its simple yet suspenseful gameplay. Others like it because it reminds them of chomping down biscuits after a night out. Either way, this super cool game deserves super cool merch. Thank goodness for this Pac-Man Desk Lamp then!

This officially licensed Pac-Man light includes three modes, being solid colour, colour-phasing, and music-reactive. It’s waka-waka-wonderful.

Find more officially licensed desk lamps!

Desk Lamps are Must-Haves for Fans

Being massive geeks ourselves, we tend to spend a lot of time in our gaming dens either crushing gaming sessions, binge-watching movies, or reading comics and manga. And, if you’re like us, you’ll want a super cool light to brighten up your chill-out space.

So, if you liked our list, be sure to check out the rest of our officially licensed lighting collection at Lost Universe!

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