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The Best Star Wars Characters for Cosplay

A list of our 10 top Star Wars characters with the most simple, cosplayable looks, and how to put them together yourself in time for your next (online) convention.

If you’re like us, then 1) you’re obsessed with Star Wars and 2) you’re spending lockdown imagining what a socially distanced Comic Con will be like. We are desperate to cosplay our favourite Jedis, Siths, Rebels and Imperials asap. That feeling of getting into a light or dark side outfit and, for a short while, entering another world. 

So, we’ve put together a list of the best Star Wars characters with costumes that can be made simply and look good over Zoom or IRL. And if you’re reading this post-lockdown, these are still some handy ideas for any Star Wars cosplay situation, so read on for our top 10.

1.   Tatooine Luke Skywalker

One of the original Star Wars gang. He’s Luke; he’s a Skywalker. He’s just a simple farmboy with big dreams and he’s gonna be somebody he tells ya. 

To dress, all you need is a short cream/white robe (think karate kit), a belt and some beige leggings (and maybe some sandy '70s hair). You’ll need some sort of accessories to hang off that belt though, and that’s where our Star Wars merchandise will come in handy. 

The young Luke has name recognition and was probably the archetype of the hero’s journey for most of us growing up with Star Wars. We’ve tried rope swinging across catwalks, but we haven’t tried snogging our sisters.

2.   Hoth Princess Leia

So many choices for the more grown-up Skywalker. Do you go Princess Leia in hair buns and white dress, Slave Leia in gold bikini, or Rebel Leia in Hoth uniform? 

You probably don’t want to be wearing a brass swimsuit (unless that’s your jam) and the white dress is a little restrictive. So, for practicality’s sake, let’s go with Rebel Leia. This all-white number can be put together with snow boots, cream/white gilet, white shirt and trousers, and if you have padded elbows, all the better.

Pair your outfit with Carrie’s patented disapproving look and hey presto, you’re a galactic princess.

3.   Darth Vader

Black, black and more black. It’s a safe fashion choice for the sith lord, but we suppose it hides the blood of his enemies well.  At least the twinkly buttons on his chest add some flair. 

Black boots, a black cape and a black top with a light up interface. You’ll probably want to buy the helmet and mask, unless you are a killer crafter in your own right. And of course, a red lightsaber completes the evil lord look. 

To make a real impact at the next convention or Star Wars drinks party, find a Luke Skywalker impersonator and chop his hand off. In a fun way.

4.   Darth Maul

Chopped in half but still raring to go, this plucky Dathomirian combines our two favourite fruit gum colours with smouldering rage. 

If you know a good make-up artist, the iconic red and black is essential. Then all you need is a black cloak with a hood and a double red lightsaber. Easy. 

A sith lord through and through, this is the look to go for if you want people to make way on the street. No smiling allowed unfortunately.

5.   Han Solo

The lovable rogue who turned legit for a lost cause, Han is the hero’s hero. He gets out of tight spots with a quip and a bit of elbow grease, and he always gets the (non-blood related) girl. 

All you need for this option is a black vest jacket and some tight black trousers. Complete the look with a sandy open neck t shirt and a low slung cowboy belt (plus blaster if you have it). 

Basically, think '70s space-western sexy. Warning, choosing Han at conventions will open you up to arguments about who shot first. Read up on it before getting into a geek off.

6.   Jakku Rey

The young jedi who is both unimportant and important at the same time, depending on who directs your movie. She doesn’t know where she comes from, just like Luke, and doesn’t have many Jedi around to help her, just like Luke. 

For this outfit, you’re going to need...fabric. Some sheer curtains for your robe, and some dusty grey bandages for your arms. Oh, and those grey Indian pyjama bottoms everybody got on their gap years. 

To really get into character, coat yourself in some sand, wear goggles, look a bit confused and carry a big stick.

7.   Rebel Finn

FN-2187, or to his friends, Finn is probably one of the most relatable characters in the Star Wars universe. A loser among Stormtroopers, a non-Jedi who finds family in rebels, and who hates his old boss Phasma. His importance is shown in his name, the 2187 is a nod to Princess Leia’s cell number in the first movie. 

Being a simple character means simple clothes. The post-First Order Finn look comes with a brown leather jacket (cool), blue trousers (yup), and some Doc Martens (nice). Basically just Han Solo with an updated wardrobe. 

Or, you could always just wear a Stormtrooper outfit without the helmet and look like you’re scared and out of breath.

8.   Wedge Antilles

OK, not the most lines in the movies, but still pretty iconic. Luke’s best mate from home, Wedge is the reason he wanted to leave the farm and join up for glory. And how many can claim to have been in the team that destroyed not one but two Death Stars? 

Rarely seen in loungewear, the Wedge Antilles classic look involves Rebel Alliance regulation orange and white. Try finding an American prisoner boiler suit, pop a white vest on top and you’ve got the beginnings of a rebel pilot. 

Add some bits of metal, piping and a cricket helmet and you’ll be tripping up AT-ATs before you know it.

9.   Grand Moff Tarkin

Peter Cushing’s no nonsense governor is the first time we see the power of the Empire, turning the planet Alderaan into a cloud of dust. Not the most likeable guy, but at least he could put Darth Vader in his place. 

This outfit is one for the older gentleman, or anyone who prefers to look a bit more refined at a Star Wars party. Grey hair, a stiff dark grey uniform with rank insignia on the left breast pocket, of 6 blue squares above 6 red and gold squares. Complete with black leather gloves and boots. 

If you are struggling to distinguish yourself as a Grand Moff from the other Imperial officers at the party, try this. Always have hands clasped behind your back, a steely frown and a haughty English accent, and you should get away with it.

10.  Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso is a tragic figure with a pretty screwed up family dynamic. She ends up stealing plans for the Death Star, a superweapon that can destroy planets that her genius father built. 

Jyn follows the very in-right-now rebel aesthetic of tight trousers and sleeveless jackets. Although, we’re talking gun metals, navy blues and blacks for this outfit. And top it off with a lovely blue head scarf for when you’re dodging the paps. 

Honestly, we would rewatch Rogue One over and over, if only for that final scene with Darth Vader’s rage bloodbath.

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Star Wars cosplay really can be simple

Choosing a human character will make dressing up a little more simple. No need for inflatable Jabba suits or rubber masks that will make your face sweat all day. 

General rules of thumb are: rebels and light siders go for a casual, leather or khaki look, while dark siders wear black. Luckily you can definitely re-wear both styles IRL. So, when you’re shopping and crafting your next costume, ask yourself this: Do I look badass?

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