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The New PS5 Merch Is Out and It Is Awesome!

The PlayStation 5 has distinct stylings, and the new range of PS5 merchandise follows suit. Check out some of the awesome new releases here!

PlayStation 5 merch will wow fans

Whether you’re after PS5 merch for your gaming den or want some stuff to take out into the world with you to remind you of your precious console, this new range of merchandise has what you need. Check it out here:

1. PlayStation 5 Icons XL Desk Lamp

PlayStation 5 Icons XL Desk Lamp

PS5 Icons XL Desk Lamp

Awesome for bringing a cool glow to your gaming den or even working as a nightlight for a young PS gamer, this PlayStation 5 Icons XL Desk Lamp is based on the muted colour palette of the new console.

This light has three lighting modes so you can find the right look for your room. And, it even has a sound-reactive mode, so it can light up in time to your game or your music.

2. PlayStation 5 Travel Mug

PlayStation 5 Travel Mug

PS5 Icons Travel Mug

Maybe you need a caffeine boost when you’re gunning for top spot in the online leaderboards. Maybe you just want something that looks like your PS5 when you’re forced to venture out of the house. Either way, this PlayStation 5 Travel Mug is perfect!

This stainless steel mug is insulated, so won’t burn your hands when you’re carrying hot coffee around. Plus, it has a non-splash lid with a slide-stopper to seal it. In a crisp white colour scheme, it’s great for showing off that you’re a PS5 gamer.

3. PlayStation 5 Playing Cards

PlayStation 5 Playing Cards

PS5 Playing Cards

So, you want to be playing PS5… even when you’re not actually on your console? No problem, that’s totally possible with these PS5 playing cards.

This set of cards has all the usual card suits, but is branded with the cool PlayStation 5 colour scheme. This way, even when you’re playing cards with your friends or passing the time playing solitaire, you’re still PS5-ing it up.

4. PlayStation 5 Metal Water Bottle

PlayStation 5 Metal Water Bottle

PS5 Metal Water Bottle

You live and breathe PS5… so you might as well drink it too! This PS5 metal water bottle is awesome for staying hydrated during those gaming sessions where you don’t want to keep running back to the kitchen for a glass of water. Plus, it’s great for taking on the move.

This stainless steel water bottle is great for both hot and cold drinks. So, you can stay cool or get things hotter than a five-day online winning streak.

5. PlayStation 5 Icons Desk Light

PlayStation 5 Icons Desk Light

PS5 Icon Desk Lamp

This PlayStation 5 desk lamp has all the icons lined up neatly. With less height than the XL version, this desk lamp is great for  putting on shelves or in smaller areas, but is still bright enough to bring the perfect level of coolness to your gaming den or bedroom.

Like the XL version, this light has three modes, being standard, colour phasing, and sound reactive – which lights up when it hears a sound. This mode is awesome for gaming, watching movies, or listening to music.

6. PlayStation 5 Heat Change Mug

PlayStation 5 Heat Change Mug

PS5 Heat Change Mug

A lot of things change when they get hot. Off the tops of our heads, we can think of ice and people wearing ski clothes in summer. But mugs? Not usually. That’s what makes this PS5 heat change mug so cool.

When it’s cold, it looks black with the PS icons on it. But, pour in some hot water for your cuppa and it changes to the PS5 crisp white with larger grey icons. As Paris Hilton would say, that’s hot!

7. PlayStation 5 Tumbler Glass

PlayStation 5 Tumbler Glass

PS5 Glass

As a PS gamer, you don’t want any old glass. This PlayStation 5 tumbler glass will keep you nicely hydrated during a long gaming sesh!

With a snow white paint job and the PS icons in an all-over pattern, this glass is all class. Just remember to use a coaster or you’ll need an X, square, and triangle to join the circle on your table.

PlayStation Merchandise at Lost Universe

If you’re one of the lucky gamers to have gotten your hands on a PS5, this merch is awesome to accompany it. If not, you’ll take great joy in the fact that it’s freely available to pre-order at Lost Universe. Plus, we have loads more PS merchandise for you to grab!

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