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We’ve used AI to make the perfect Christmas Number 1

According to science we've made the next Christmas Number 1!


Have you ever wondered what it takes to write the perfect Christmas number one? Worry no longer, as the brains at Lost Universe have drilled into data and figured out the magic formula to create the perfect best selling number one Christmas hit! 

After many caffeine-fuelled hours and long sleepless nights, we have analysed every UK Christmas number 1 over the past 50 years, from Al Martino’s ‘Here in my Heart’ to Ladbaby’s ‘Sausage Rolls for Everyone’. We evaluated each of these Christmas crackers and recorded their 4 key components: Tempo, Duration, Key and Genre. The next step was to find our star. We looked at all 50 artists and aggregated their ages and gender in order to figure out the perfect voice for our future no.1.

Numbers and mince pies have been crunched and we can exclusively reveal (as a result of our totally scientific findings) that the magic formula for a Christmas no.1 is...

The Perfect formula:

  • Tempo of 117 beats per minute 
  • Song duration of 3:44 
  • In the key of G Major
  • In the style of a ballad
  • Singer is 29 and male

With some of the big players, like Elvis and the Beatles nailing the 117 (bpm) recommended tempo and some of our X factor favourites (shout out Leona) belting out the ballads, it seems they cracked the code.

It's one thing to know what a perfect christmas song sounds like in theory, but what fun would it be if we stopped there? At Lost Universe, we decided it was time for another dose of data deep dives. We pulled every single lyric from each of our Christmas no.1's and put them into a word cloud so we could see which keywords and phrases would turn our no.1 into a Christmas Classic. The most popular keywords are (drumroll please)... Christmas (117 times), love, lord, Christmas time, baby, saviour, heart, Christmas day, Merry Christmas, Hallelujah, world, sound, ooh. However, slightly more surprising the words blobby, and sausage rolls (44 times) made the cut. 

We had the magic formula for the music, we'd found our 29 year old star and we had some killer lyrics. The final step was to put it all into practice and write our Christmas no.1...

And it was absolutely rubbish! So instead we stuck it all into an AI generator and got it to do all the hard work instead. Get ready to witness the greatness...

Verse 1:
On this day of Christmas, love is in the air, 
Friends and family gather, hallelujah we share, 
Let us come together, singing full of cheer,
It's the start of Christmas, let us be of good cheer,
Ooh-ooh, on this merry Christmas day,
Let it echo around the world,
Spread the love and joy, a special feeling all around, 
It's Christmas time, the joy and bliss together sound,
Verse 2:
Let us be of good will, hearts filled with love, 
Soaring high, each moment a hallelujah,
Passing round the sausage roll, a special treat, 
Baby, come along, with us sallies can meet,
Ooh-ooh, on this merry Christmas day,
Let it echo around the world,
Spread the love and joy, a special feeling all around, 
It's Christmas time, the blobby savers of all sound,
Verse 3:
Let us raise our voices, a call to the Lord, 
Sing His praises, celebrate the freedom He gave us all,
A joyous moment, hearts of gratefulness sincerely hum, 
Be still and give thanks, Forever be thankful for His love
And there you have it, the perfect Christmas formulae and the world’s first AI built Christmas Number 1 hit!
Now we’ve done the hard part, are there any 29 year old males out there wanting to make their debut?...

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