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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts for Film Lovers

Dive into our guide of top tips for buying Christmas presents for the movie fans in your life.

Take it from us, film buffs are picky when it comes to films. And they are the same with presents at Christmas. We know it’s only natural to click onto a gift website and feel your mind going blank as you stare at the listings.

Which is why we’ve put together this guide. We’ve been providing Christmas gifts for movie lovers for some time. And in that time, we’ve managed to sort them into 6 main types.

So, here is our list of different kinds of movie lovers to buy for, and some tips on what to get them.


The Wise Guy

This one can’t get enough of American gangster movies – and with good reason. You can pretty much chart 20th century US history by the mob stories it’s produced, with a gripping story. Youngster falls on hard times, gets in with a bad but wealthy crowd, breaks bad, climbs the ranks slowly losing humanity...falls from grace spectacularly.

From classic Italian mafia movies like The Godfather trilogy, Once Upon a Time in America, and Goodfellas. To Irish mob tales like Road to Perdition, The Departed and Miller’s Crossing. These stories have stuck with us due to their heady savagery blended with a sense of honour, their unexpected and sudden violence, and compelling acting.

For The Wise Guy, these movies are the gold standard for classic film. Basically if De Niro, Pesci, Pacino or Scorsese’s names are anywhere on the poster, then it's a sure fire winner. Posters make a great gift, but anything that speaks to those names or those movie titles is the way to a warmed heart on Christmas.

Now, The Wise Guy doesn’t just stick with movies either. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for TV lovers, you can’t go wrong with a framed print from The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire.


The Infinity Stoner

If all your intended giftee can talk about is the last/next instalment in the MCU, we recommend you search for Christmas gifts for Marvel fans. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has spent more than a decade hoovering eyeballs onto big screens and delighting them with big budgets and big stories. The Infinity Stoner is the one who stays until the end of the credits to get the joy of seeing the “secret” message at the end.

Now, if you haven’t watched the last ten years of 2+ hour Marvel movies, you're in for a long list of characters. So we recommend sticking with the heavy hitters – like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and The Hulk – when it comes to gifts. An Infinity Stoner will always love a T-shirt, hoodie or mug with their favourite Avenger printed on the front.

And of course, Infinity Stoners probably extend their love for Marvel outside of the MCU and to the comics too. So, in your search for gifts, we suggest you keep the names Wolverine, Deadpool, Storm, Magneto and Professor Xavier in your back pocket. Merchandise from any of the X Men will light up anyone’s eyes (in our eyes, at least).


The Anime Activist

Does your giftee get animated when they talk about anime? Do they see the 90s as the good old days? When Studio Ghibli was getting going, Dragonball Z first appeared in English and the manga series that inspired today’s anime movies were written?

Well, they might just be an Anime Activist. If they are, then disproportionately sized heads with small pointed chins and big colourful eyes might be their cup of tea. And if it is, then you could get them an anime mug for that tea.

A gift plastered with the likes of characters from End of Evangelion, Akira, Nausicaa or any Studio Ghibli film. That will always be a winner for the Anime Activist. And, though most anime comes from the male point of view, there are productions like Sailor Moon and Ghost in the Shell with strong female leads.


The Shy-Fi Fan

Sci-fi, a once maligned genre for daydreamers and dweebs. In the 70s, its colourful lycra and low budget props left it misunderstood for decades. Today, nerd culture has been mainstreamed and allowed grown-up boys and girls to finally let that part of themselves into the light.

The Shy-Fi Fan will claim they always loved sci-fi and would have gone to the conventions if they didn’t have such a good reputation at school. Now everyone realises that nothing they thought was important as a teenager really matters – and seeing the nerds becoming billionaires – sci-fi movies have exploded. And, just like us, Shy-Fi Fans have found a warm nostalgia and sense of wonder in them all.

Movies like Back to the Future, Gremlins, Star Wars and Jurassic Park always pull the nostalgia strings on a Shy-Fi Fan. A gift from one of those will leave them pining for the old days, when movies felt like events absolutely everybody was talking about. Mainly because there was no internet and so not much else to talk about.

Your giftee might be more of a modernist, only looking to the recent past for their inspiration. In which case, we recommend a gift that reflects such productions as Disney’s Star Wars (on film and TV), Rick & Morty, and the newer Star Treks.

Of course, the easiest way to make a Shy-Fi Fan sweat, is by asking them which science fiction novels they’ve read. But you wouldn’t want to do that on Christmas...would you?


The Fantasm

Fantasy fans are getting their come back. After years of being teased for liking pixies and fairies, Game of Thrones came and smacked everyone in the face. Which let people feel a little more open about being a fan of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

The Fantasm is the hidden fantasy fan; the one who will spend a Sunday watching a LOTR marathon, and say nothing about it outside the house. They will know the name of every joke product from Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, but keep their Buzzfeed quiz scores anonymous.

For these fantasy movie lovers, a Christmas gift for the home is best. Like a lamp, a mug or some bedding. Or if they want to be very daring, a set of subtle socks to wear out and about.

We also suggest you keep your eye on developments with Netflix’s fantasy TV productions, like The Witcher. These days, a movie lover is often also a TV fan, and gift inspiration can come in many formats.


The Horrorficionado

This fan might come across a little disturbing at first. But when you realise that horror isn’t fascinated with gore and guts, but the anxieties of being a human being, then it seems less gruesome.

Alien and the pain and pressure of motherhood. A Clockwork Orange and the fear of anarchy and man’s inhumanity to man. Doom and the fear of demons taking over the world and plunging us into an apocalypse; you know, normal stuff.

If your giftee is into movies like Friday the 13th and Hellraiser, then they might be a Horrorficionado. And, as with the other movie lovers on our list, they can be soothed with a gift that brings back the spine tingles.

Explore our collection of gifts for movie lovers.


Be smart with your gifting this year

So, now when you are browsing for a Christmas gift for your film and TV show fan, keep in mind a few things:


  1. Some geeks like to be loud and proud, so get them something they can wear.
  2. Some geeks like to keep their passion private, so get them something for the home.


But above all, remember that movies inspire fierce passion, loyalty and a sense of identity with other film buffs. If you can give them a piece of the stories they love, whether prop replica or t-shirt, you will hold a place in their hearts forever. Or at least until January.

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