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Top 10 Gaming Gifts for Christmas

Winter is great for gamers to stay indoors and spend hours in front of the screen. So, gaming gifts are a brilliant idea for Christmas. Check out our top 10!


Best gaming merch to give as Christmas gifts


So, you know a gamer who would absolutely love some gaming accessories for Christmas. But, you’re not sure exactly what to get them? No problem, we can help with that. We’ve created a list of our top 10 gaming accessories.


From gaming tech to gaming-themed merch, we’ve got 10 great gifts for gamers this Christmas. So, on that note, let’s get right to it!


1. PlayStation Icons XL Desk Lamp – Only at Lost Universe!


PlayStation Icons XL Desk Lamp – Only at Lost Universe!


The PlayStation symbols are a bright icon in pop culture. And, now they can be a bright icon in your gamer’s gaming den too. This officially licensed PlayStation icon light has extra-large icons resting on the classic PS grey base. Plus, it’s extra sought-after because it’s only available at Lost Universe.


2. Xbox Icons Desk Lamp


Xbox Icons Desk Lamp


Is your gamer an Xbox Xpert? No problem, we’ve got an Xbox light that’s super iconic. This awesome Xbox Icon Desk Lamp has the light-up Xbox icon on a black base, ready to bring some awesome ambiance to a gaming den, chill room, or bedroom.


3. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Cable Guy


Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Cable Guy


Gaming zones are designed to be neater and tidier than the Starship Enterprise, so you can’t have tech lying all over the place. Good thing we have Cable Guys, which are specifically designed to hold tech like smartphones and console controllers. And, they even have charging cables to charge them while they do.


This Jack Skellington Cable Guy is officially licensed Disney Nightmare Before Christmas merch and is a dead-cool addition to any gaming den.


4. Minecraft Building Block Desk Lamp


Minecraft Building Block Desk Lamp


Used to be that DNA was considered the building blocks of life. But, for Minecraft fans, it’s this Minecraft Building Block Desk Lamp! This novelty light lets you stack the blocks in any order you like, and they’ll light up. It’s just like Minecraft… but in real life. That’s lit!


5. PlayStation Controller Alarm Clock


PlayStation Controller Alarm Clock


You don’t really need to look at a clock to know that it’s gaming time. That’s because it’s always gaming time. But, this officially licensed PlayStation Controller Alarm Clock does let gamers keep an eye on the time so they can pull themselves out of their sessions for those other things that they ‘have’ to do… like sleep, eat, and hit the forums to brag about their latest achievements.


6. Minecraft Torch Light – Only at Lost Universe!


Minecraft Torch Light – Only at Lost Universe!


Gaming dens are all about just the right level of light to create a dramatic atmosphere. So, you want a glow that’s as deep and rich as good coffee. And, this Minecraft Torch Light is perfect for that.   


Able to stand freely on a desk or be wall mounted, the light has loads of placement options (unlike with the sand blocks in the game). Plus, if your gamer gets too engrossed in their game, it’s a great way of feeling safe from zombies and creepers.  


7. RED5 Zodiac Gaming Bundle


 RED5 Zodiac Gaming Bundle


This isn’t the case with all gamers, but a lot of them can’t stand having mixed brand gaming accessories. A great way to solve this issue is with this RED5 Zodiac Gaming Bundle.


This bundle includes a rainbow backlit LED keyboard with anti-ghosting keys, a 7D gaming mouse with 7-colour LED breath light effect, a light-up gaming headset, and a premium gaming mouse pad. It’s all the gaming accessories you need for PC gaming all in one box.


8. Minecraft Building Blocks Water Bottle


Minecraft Building Blocks Water Bottle


Water is a precious resource… both in Minecraft and in real life, during those long gaming sessions where the competition is producing more sweat than a spicy curry. So, a great Christmas gift for a Minecraft fan is this Minecraft Building Blocks Water Bottle.


It holds about 650 ml of life-saving fluid and is dishwasher safe. Plus, being leak-proof, there’s no chance of it spilling over all those precious gaming accessories.


9. Xbox Controller Shaped Plush Cushion


Xbox Controller Shaped Plush Cushion


Have you heard your gamer shouting for support from the dark depths of their gaming den? You probably thought they needed backup in their COD Warzone session, but there’s a chance they were slipping out of their gaming chair because they were slouching in it like melting ice cream.


This Xbox Controller Shaped Plush Cushion solves that issue by offering awesome support to the lumbar or head and neck. Plus, being shaped like an Xbox controller, it’s an awesome gift for an Xbox gamer.     


10. PlayStation 4 Controller Mug in Blue – Only at Lost Universe!


PlayStation 4 Controller Mug in Blue – Only at Lost Universe!


Coffee is essential gamer fuel. It helps them take control of their energy. And, so does this PlayStation 4 Controller Mug! Officially licensed PlayStation merch, this mug has the PS icon and symbols on it, plus a brilliantly reproduced controller as the handle. It’s a must-have for any PlayStation gamer.


More Gaming Accessories and Merch

If you like what you saw in our gift guide, but are keen to know what else is out there, you’re in luck. We have loads more amazing gaming tech on our site, where you’ll find gaming chairs and desks, gaming beds, retro gaming consoles, Cable Guys, and more.


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