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Top 10 Gifts for Geeks for Christmas 2020

So, you know a pop culture fan, but are at a loss when it comes to buying for them? Good thing you’ve found Lost Universe. Gifts for geeks is so our thing!

10 Best Christmas Gifts for Geeks

The pop culture universe is a vast one. So, if you know someone who’s into all things nerdy, you might be more lost than the Robinsons in space when it comes to shopping for them. Well, worry not. We have 10 nerdy gifts that they’ll love!

  1. The Mandalorian The Child Shaped Mug

The Child Shaped Mug

The Child is so ridiculously cute that even the fact that he eats live frogs (and their eggs) doesn’t put us off in the slightest. He still makes us feel all fuzzy and warm inside… just like a delicious cuppa. And, speaking of cuppas, this The Child Shaped Mug makes a stellar way to enjoy a good brew!

  1. Minecraft Torch Water Bottle

Minecraft Torch Square Bottle

Minecraft fans are fully in love with the game’s classically pixelated world. You might even say they carry a flame for it… especially if they have one of these Minecraft Torch Water Bottles! It’s made of durable plastic and has a non-drip lid, making it perfect for taking Minecraft on the move.  

  1. Harry Potter Skele-Gro Water Bottle

Harry Potter Skele-Gro Water Bottle

Even though the bottle of Skele-Gro was on screen for less than a minute in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it became hugely popular with fans. So, if you’re shopping for a Harry Potter fan, you can be sure this officially licensed, expertly-skullpted Skele-Gro Water Bottle will be a hit!

  1. Marvel Captain America 3D Wall Light

Marvel Captain America Shield 3D Deco Light

Captain America smashes Hydra agents, box office records, and now your walls too! Kind of. This Captain America Shield Light comes with a crack sticker that makes it look like it’s been thrown into your wall like a rogue Frisbee. And, being battery powered, there are no dangling cables to worry about.

  1. Super Mario Piranha Plant Puppet

Super Mario Piranha Plant Puppet

Ah, piranha plants… a bit like Venus fly traps, but with a palette for Italian (plumbers). This Piranha Plant Puppet is a great gift for Super Mario fans who are chomping at the bit to get their hands on (or into) some unique Mario merch.

  1. The Mandalorian The Child Pop! Vinyl

POP Mandalorian: The Mandalorian - The Child

You’d be hard pressed to find a Pop! Vinyl more Pop-ular than The Child, or Baby Yoda as he’s affectionately known. Give this The Child Funko Pop! to a Star Wars fan this Christmas and you’ll get a lot of (Republican) credit!

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog Cable Guy

Classic Sonic Cable Guy

This Sonic Cable Guy is an awesome way for old school Sega fans to bring Sonic into their modern gaming. This tech holder is designed to hold PlayStation and Xbox controllers, plus most smartphones. It even comes with a USB cable to charge the tech while it’s in Sonic’s hands.

  1. Star Wars Speak No Evil Stormtrooper

Star Wars Speak No Evil Stormtrooper 10cm

This Star Wars Speak No Evil Stormtrooper is officially licensed and modelled in (Star) Warsome detail. It forms part of a set with fellow See No Evil and Hear No Evil Stormtroopers. We guess they don’t realise that the evil Empire does all of those things.

  1. IT Pennywise Limited Edition Shaped Mug

IT Pennywise Shaped Mug

Pennywise the Clown has a head filled with a hunger for fear, deadlights…  and tasty warm drinks, it turns out. Yep, sip coffee that’s as dark as Stephen King’s thoughts out of the cranium of this IT Pennywise Shaped Mug. IT’s a brilliant gift for horror fans.

  1. Pokémon Pikachu Vinyl Figure

Pokemon 4 inch Vinyl Figures – Pikachu

Ever since Pokémon first debuted, there’s always been a buzz about Pikachu… and not just because he’s electric. So, if you’re buying for a Pokémon fan, you can’t go wrong with this Pikachu Vinyl Figure. It’s officially licensed Pokémon merch and is Pikadorable! 

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