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Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters Ranked

Never mind the Tournament of Power. We did our own little ranking competition to find the 10 strongest Dragon Ball characters. Here’s what we found!

Dragon Ball is all about who’s stronger than who. The fighters are always needing to up their power levels to take each other on. Yeah, there’s more aggressive muscle flexing than a bodybuilding competition.

But, we wanted some real answers. So, we sat down and had a real think about who the most powerful fighters in the Dragon Ball universe actually are.

Obviously Goku’s thing is upping his power level to beat whatever threat comes his way. But, is he the strongest character? Read on to find out how we rated him…

Most powerful Dragon Ball fighters

We’re going to build up to the big winner. So, starting with 10th spot, here are the top 10 strongest characters in Dragon Ball.

10. Gohan



For a kid whose mum wanted him to be a nerd, Gohan sure turned out be an awesome fighter. Of course, it didn’t hurt that his dad was a super powerful Saiyan. But, what really pulled Gohan out of academia was the looming arrival of the evil Saiyans.

Gohan has veered from powerful fighter to pacifist and back a few times. But, the fact that he was the first fighter to hit Super Saiyan level 2 can’t be ignored. And, by the time the Tournament of Power came around, he was at his strongest level ever. That’s why he makes the top 10.

9. Hit



Hit became a (ahem) hit in the Tournament of Power, where we learned about his Time-Skip ability. This makes him an awesome assassin, especially du to the other abilities that branch off of this power. But, when it comes down to it, Hit can move forward in time a fraction of a second, making him seem lighting fast, even to other fighters that have insane speed.

The fact that he could easily take on Vegeta and Goku make this one seriously formidable fighter. But, he doesn’t have much else in his arsenal, so he can become predictable, as we witnessed. That’s the only reason this assassin isn’t further up the list.

8. Frieza



As one of the biggest (and we mean that metaphorically) bad guys in the whole series, there was never any doubt that Frieza was going to be on this list. The dude destroyed the Saiyans’ home world and once boasted a fighting power of over a million when the rest of them were still dabbling around in the thousands.

Always a power to be reckoned with, Frieza just kept growing and growing… not only in power, but sometimes in height. He eventually worked his way to his golden form, which the Saiyans came to dread. Before that, gold was only scary to starving artists pricing engagement rings.

7. Toppo



So, if Frieza is so strong, the characters that make it above him on this list must be scary powerful, right? Yeah. And, that’s just what Toppo is. After all, you don’t get a chance at being the universe’s god of destruction from a job offer on LinkedIn.

Able to tap into godly ki, Toppo is stronger than Super Saiyan Blue. He’s also stronger than Frieza’s golden form, which we saw in the Tournament of Power. You can’t force Frieza to self-destruct with harsh language. You’ve got to be immensely powerful.

6. Vegeta



Once destined to be the ruler of the Saiyan planet, Prince Vegeta is one of the mightiest Saiyans. He once caused Goku a lot of stress when he was in Great Ape form. But, generally speaking, he’s always been a step behind Goku in terms of power development.

However, his constant need to be stronger than Goku has propelled him through multiple Saiyan forms, making him a tremendously strong character, even if he isn’t the strongest. And, the fact that he has such a hot temper means he’s able to push past Goku from time to time out of sheer rage.

5. Jiren



With a tragic backstory that saw him lose his parents and his home, Jiren devoted his entire life to the pursuit of fighting brilliance. And, as they say, practice makes perfect. Just about.

One of the most impressive things about Jiren is the fact that he is able to sustain so much power without transforming. Unlike the Saiyans, for example, who physically evolve for a time to be able to use more power, Jiren just steps things up.

Jiren’s power is so awesome that Goku had to break into Ultra Instinct level just to fight him. But, even then, Jiren just drew more power and carried on matching Goku. He is by far one of the most powerful foes that Goku has ever faced and fully deserves his place on the list.

4. Broly



Broly is a massively powerful Saiyan – a lesson Goku learned the hard way when taking him on. Goku pushed through all his Saiyan forms trying to take him down, but Broly just kept matching him. And, the fact that he didn’t have Goku’s level of training or experience made him that much more formidable.

Broly’s ability to tap into his Great Ape strength without transforming, plus his Legendary Super Saiyan form, makes him at least on the same level as a god of destruction. And, he would be much more powerful than Goku if it wasn’t for Goku’s Ultra Instinct form.

3. Goku



You’d think that Goku would be at the top of the list. After all, his biggest ability is being able to push himself to exceed the power of any opponent. Plus, he’s the star of the Dragon Ball series. But, he’s not the strongest.

Still, he’s no slouch. As we mentioned, Goku has pushed himself through numerous forms of Super Saiyan over the years. And, he eventually mastered the godlike Ultra Instinct, which made him a terrifying opponent in the Tournament of Power.

Given Goku’s ability to achieve amazing strength to take on opponents, he has the potential to be the strongest fighter in the universe. But, there are a few that are stronger. 

2.5. Gogeta



Is this cheating? Is Gogeta really a character? Yes and no, but we’re sticking with it. After all, someone stopped Broly’s rage attacks in the arctic.

Given that Gogeta is a combination of Vegeta and Goku before Goku achieved Ultra Instinct form, it’s hard to say whether Gogeta is stronger than Goku’s Ultra Instinct. After all, this form runs on sheer instinct in one of the most powerful Saiyans ever. But, since Jiren still gave Ultra Instinct Goku a run for his money, and since Gogeta easily despatched Broly, we’re going to say Gogeta is stronger.

2. Beerus



Ah, the mighty Beerus. Beerus is one of the few characters to have beaten Goku outright, despite Goku finding the Super Saiyan God form just to reach his power level. And, quite rightly, because this cool cat is a god of destruction.

Harnessing the power of the Godly Ki, huge destructor energy, and lots of training, Beerus can deliver a proper beatdown before his Deliveroo arrives. Seriously, he’s virtually unbeatable. Plus, we’ve seen him fly though half a dozen planets just because he’d taken a bit of wasabi and was struggling with the burn. That’s some serious power.

1. Whis



Controversially, a lot of fans and even a couple of contributors to the anime series have stated that Broly is the most powerful fighter in the universe. And, we’d be cool with that. But, we feel it makes sense that Goku’s UI is stronger than him, and that Beerus is stronger than Goku. So, who’s stronger than Beerus?

Clearly it’s the angelic companion, trainer, and fighter who took Beerus down with a single hit. It’s got to be Whis.

Whis doesn’t get involved with a lot of the fighting that goes down in the Dragon Ball series. But, that doesn’t stop him from being absolutely awesome. Angels are assigned to god of destruction to help them harness their power, so we know Whis has more skill than Beerus. Plus, he’s said to be the fastest of all the angels. And, he’s got all kinds of crazy magic that lets him control reality.

Strongest of the strongest

So, there you have it. Whis makes the top of our list. If you’re ever in a Dragon Ball bind and you get to phone a friend, make sure Whis is in your contacts.

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