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Top 8 Friends Merchandise for Christmas 2020

Are you shopping for a Friends fan? Great! We happen to have a list of 8 items of Friends merchandise that will make you more popular than Rachel in high school!

8 Great Gifts for Friends Fans

So, no one told you shopping for a Friends fan was going to be this way? We’re there for you. We’ve created a list of 8 fantastic Friends gifts to give to your Friends-loving friend or family member!


  1. Friends Central Perk Neon Light

Friends Central Perk wall light

Just like the light you’d expect to see behind the counter of your favourite NYC coffee shop, this Friends Central Perk light will make you feel like you’re in the show. It’s wall-mountable and powered by USB.

  1. Friends Central Perk Coffee Cup

FRIENDS Cappuccino Mug

Ever wondered why those six friends were always so perky, witty, and little high-strung? Because the cups at Central Perk are so big, they’re like three cups of coffee in one! Sound good? Then this Central Perk Coffee Cup is right up your (slightly damp and fire-escape-riddled) alley!

  1. Friends Central Perk Purse

Friends Central Perk Denim Purse

We’re not sure exactly what Rachel did with her tips when she was a waitress, but we imagine she kept them in something just like this Central Perk Denim Purse! It’s perfect for storing notes, cards, and coins.

  1. Friends Phrases Face Covering

Friends (Phrases) Face Mask 2PK

This Friends face mask is full of famous phrases from the show, with cute little illustrations scattered in between. It’s cuter than Joey’s embarrassed grin!

  1. Friends Lobster Mug

Friends Lobster Mug

Give this Friends Lobster Mug to your lobster! In case you missed season 2 episode 14, your lobster is the person you’re meant to be with for life. This adorable mug has a picture of a lobster on the front with the words, ‘You Are My Lobster’ on the back.

  1.  Friends Central Perk Water Bottle

The opinion of a friend is often readily available and refreshing… just like a sip from this Friends Central Perk Water Bottle! It’s made from double-walled stainless steel and plastic to keep drinks warm drinks warm and cool drinks cool.

  1. Friends Photo Frame

Friends Photo Frame

Modelled to look just like the frame over Monica’s door’s peephole, this Friends Photo Frame is an excellent item for Friends fans. It’s emblazoned with the Friends logo under the photo area, making it perfect for showing a snap of your besties.

  1. Friends Logo Cap

Friends Logo Cap

Is the sun causing as much glare as the gold bracelet Joey bought Chandler? No problem, this Friends Logo Cap is here for you.  This cap has a snapback closure, so it fits most heads, and it has the Friends logo embroidered onto the front of it.

Discover fantastic Friends merch!

Friends will be Friends, right till after the end!

Even though Friends ended way back in 2004, its following stays as strong as ever. More so even, as new generations discover the hilarity of Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe.

Fortunately, as Friends’ popularity grows, so does the merch. So, for a healthy helping of Friends fan goodies, check out Lost Universe!

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