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Umbrella Academy Season 3: What We Need to See

The finale of Umbrella Academy season 2 was amazing. But, it did leave us with a hefty number of unanswered questions that we need answered in season 3.


Then, of course, we get the trailer for Umbrella Academy season 3, which hints at answering a few, but then brings up a whole lot more.


We take a look at a few of those questions now.


Fortunately, with Umbrella Academy season 3 releasing on 22 June, we don’t have much longer to wait.


And, even better, this show won’t release week by week like a lot of other shows these days. All 10 episodes will be available on the 22nd. So, yay.



Umbrella Academy 3 trailer

Before we get going on this, take a look at the season 3 trailer, which created a lot of the questions we have about season 3.



Five Umbrella Academy questions we need answered

OK, we know there are loads of questions burning harder than the Earth in season 1. But, that could be an all day conversation. So, we whittled them down to our top 5. Here we go!  


How did the Umbrella Academy break the timeline?


umbrella academy season 3

Credit: Netflix


Right, so, before we start posing this question properly, let us say that we couldn’t tinker with our own cars without breaking them. And, time seems a little more complex than engines. Somehow. So, we’re not judging in the least.


We know that the Temps Commission manages to do all sorts of time jumping without messing up the space-time continuum. But, then again, they would be the trained mechanics that would usually work on the engine that is time.


So, it makes sense that if some untrained people used a briefcase, they could well do some damage. But, where did the damage come from?


Was it everything they did in the ‘60s? (We sense that Klaus may have fathered a few children.) Or was it the way they used the briefcase? We’ll have to wait and see.  


How will Vanya become Viktor?


Umbrella Academy season 3 Viktor

Credit: Netflix


From the trailer, it looks like this new season carries on directly from season 2. And, Vanya was still female at that point.


However, Ellen Page became Elliot Page in 2020. And, we know from leaks and releases that Vanya will/did also transition in the show, becoming Viktor Hargreeves.


But, will Viktor be part of the new timeline or will Vanya transition over the course of the new season? The trailer doesn’t give us any answers, so we’re waiting with bated breath to find out.


What happened to the other special children?


Umbrella Academy season 3 sparrow academy

Credit: Netflix


In the alternate timeline we see in season 3, only Ben was adopted by Reginald Hargreeves. But, we need to know why?


We know from the trailer that the other versions of the Umbrella Academy actually exist in the new timeline. But, why aren’t they part of the Sparrow Academy?


Did Reginald Hargreeves fail to find them? Did he pass them over in favour of the special kids that he brought into the Sparrow Academy? Or, is there something more suspicious going on?


Who or what is Reginald Hargreeves?


Umbrella Academy season 3 Reginald Hargreeves

Credit: Netflix


At the end of season 2, we see Reginald Hargreeves confronted by the Majestic 12. They attempted to blackmail him to keep him involved with the secret organisation, which he had left following their assassination of President Kennedy.


But, we saw Hargreeves reveal (part of) his true form. Which didn’t look human. Or, if he is human, he’s sure not healthy.


So, what is he? We know that he bought the D.S. Umbrella Manufacturing Company in 1928, so he doesn’t age. Or, at least, he ages slowly. And then there’s the blue, spiky skin.


Is he an alien? Some sort of interdimensional being? Hopefully we’ll find out the truth about Reginald this season.


Is Pogo crucial to the Umbrella Academy?


Umbrella Academy season 3 Pogo

Credit: Netflix


Pogo was an instant fan favourite in season 1. After all, the idea of a talking chimpanzee butler was so novel that we just wanted to see and learn more about him.


We got a little bit of insight into his backstory in season 2. But, sadly, he was killed by Vanya at the end of season 1, so it was all through flashbacks.


However, in the trailer for season 3, we see Pogo from the new timeline. He’s now a badass tattoo artist.


But, he appears to be tracked down by Number Five. So, is he more crucial to the team than we first thought?


Don’t get us wrong. A butler who is able to calm people down and create a feeling of family is brilliant. But, does Pogo have even more to offer? We’ll soon find out.


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Main image credit: Netflix via Showbiz CheatSheet

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