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What WandaVision Set Up for the Future of the MCU

Now WandaVision Season 1 has ended, we take a look back and see what it teased for Marvel’s MCU Phase 4 and beyond. Here are a few highlights!

Heads up: you are entering a hexagon of spoilers!

WandaVision Easter Egg Teasers: What to Expect from the Future of the MCU

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WandaVision has more Easter eggs than a lucky kid’s garden on Easter Sunday, and listing them all here would make this blog so long, it would be, like, doctoral thesis length. So, we’re just going to focus on some of the ones that teased the future.

Being the first MCU show to hit our screens, WandaVision had the important task of showing us how Marvel intended to use TV to explain things in more detail. And, it did a fantastic job. It also did a great job of introducing characters who might have just appeared in a film, or would have had a rushed introduction.

So, let’s look at what WandaVision told us about the future of the MCU.

1. Tommy and Billy Maximoff



Wanda’s twin boys were a part of her fantasy spell. And, she gave them a pretty sad goodbye at the end of the finale of WandaVision. So, should we expect to see them again in the MCU? Quite possibly.

For starters, we hear the boys calling out to Wanda in the post-credits scene of the finale, leading us to believe that they’re alive. Possibly in an alternate universe? After all, Marvel has announced that Wanda will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in 2022. So, it’s quite possible that they’re more than a spell in a different reality.

In fact, they could even be real in the current reality of the MCU. In the comics, Tommy and Billy were created by Wanda using fragments of the soul of the villain, Mephisto. So, it’s not hard to believe that she could have really created them in Westview.

In the comics, Tommy and Billy become Young Avengers named Wiccan and Speed. So, will we see these young heroes taking over as the MCU evolves?

2. Doctor Strange Setup

wandavision doctor strange teaser

Credit: Marvel via Twitter

Speaking of Doctor Strange, the post-credits scene of WandaVision did a good job of setting up his next standalone movie. As mentioned, it had already been released that Wanda will appear in Doctor Strange 2, but this scene gave us a brief look into how the characters could interact.

As Wanda sipped coffee on the steps of her remote cabin, her astral version viciously gobbled up the information in Agatha Harkness’s book of spells. This definitely brought Wanda’s magical side to light, hinting that we’re in for a crazy ride when she teams up with Dr. Strange.

Plus, the slowed down, creepy Doctor Strange theme music did a great job of letting us know that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could indeed be a horror movie, as promised by Marvel.

3. Agatha Harkness

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OK, Agatha Harkness wasn’t exactly ‘teased’ in WandaVision. She was shouted about.

The main baddie of the series, Agatha had a dramatic showdown with Wanda in the climax of the final episode. In the end, she was locked inside the character of a suburban housewife. But, is she gone?

If we know anything about Marvel, no, she’s not gone. Agatha Harkness is tied very closely to Wanda in the comics, having been her teacher and become her rival. So, it’s doubtful that the MCU would let her go so easily.

Plus, actress Kathryn Hahn has said that she’d love to play her again, so it would be great to see her back for another round with the Scarlett Witch.

4. Vision's Return

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At first we were lead to believe, thanks to a particularly shocking scene of his robot corpse walking around, that Vision was just a living version of Wanda’s imagination. But, as the show unfolded, we realised that Vision had actually been rebuilt and that Wanda’s version had real memories of his ‘life’ before the Infinity War.

We also saw Vision transfer his memories to White Vision, giving him total awareness of the events before Westview. So, with a paint job, Vision as we know him could once again fight alongside Wanda in the Avengers. 

5. Monica Rambeau

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Monica Rambeau Pop! Vinyl

After the character of Monica Rambeau was introduced in Captain Marvel, we thought we’d have to wait for the sequel to see her again. But, she featured prominently in WandaVision, which was a fantastic way to introduce her adult version and show us how she got her powers.

This sets us up nicely for Captain Marvel 2, scheduled for 2022. Whether she’ll appear under the name Spectrum (like she is currently in the comics), we’re not yet sure. But, we got a little taste of her costume thanks to the S.W.O.R.D. top she was sporting in later episodes of WandaVision

6. S.W.O.R.D.



Speaking of S.W.O.R.D., we got to see an awful lot of this agency during the show. And, while it didn’t make the greatest first impression, it does tease the cosmic future of the MCU.

S.W.O.R.D. is a subdivision of S.H.I.E.L.D. that deals with extra-terrestrial threats to planet Earth. So, since we’ve got Monica Rambeau, a cosmic character, and S.W.O.R.D., a cosmic agency, it’s safe to say that the MCU will be telling a lot more space-based stories in its future.

7. Skrulls

wandavision skrull

Credit: Marvel via Insider

Another hint at the MCU’s cosmic future was the Skrull element in WandaVision. Fans who paused Agent Woo’s whiteboard scribbling saw that he wrote down ‘Skrulls’ as a suspected cause of the strange, TV-themed occurrences.

Plus, we saw a Skrull in the mid-credits scene of the finale. Was it Talos’s wife? We can’t be sure, but the Skrull did say she was a friend of Monica’s mum, so it’s likely.

Thanks to the post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far From Home, we already know that Nick Fury is on a Skrull ship in space. So, this scene was yet another nod to something cosmic in the works. Could it be the huge comic book event, Secret Invasion

8. Pre-MCU Crossovers



Darcy Lewis was blown away when Wanda ‘recast’ Pietro. And, so was everyone else (who hadn’t seen that spoiler online).

It turns out that the return of Pietro wasn’t thanks to an alternate reality as some fans suspected, but due to Agatha’s mischief. Still, it does hint at the expansion of the MCU.

Long-time Marvel fans will recognise actor Evan Peters as the Quicksilver from the X-Men films. So, does this mean that the MCU might expand its borders to include films that came before Iron Man?

We know that Spider-Man: No Way Home will include actors from past Spider-Man incarnations. So it’s likely that this will be a trend in Phase 4 and beyond, creating some cohesion across Marvel’s entire film history. 

9. Costumes Closer to the Comics?

WandaVision Wanda Halloween Costume Funko Pop!

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We thought the Halloween episode was just a fun way of acknowledging the impractical costumes worn be heroes in the comics. But, we saw Wanda take some serious inspiration from her classic costume when it came time to reinvent her current costume in the climax of WandaVision.

Could other heroes be getting costumes that are more like their comic book counterparts as Phase 4 unravels? Time will tell.

10. Hexagons teasing AIM

Marvel AIM

Credit: Marvel via Fandom 

Hexagons were a huge theme in WandaVision. And, there were huge theories to go along with them.

One idea was that ‘The Hex’ (as Darcy called it) sounds like Hex Magic – Wanda’s form of spell casting. Another was that the six sides of a hexagon alluded to the number of the beast, who in Marvel terms is the demon, Mephisto.

But, a fairly simple explanation could be A.I.M. – Advanced Idea Mechanics, first introduced in Iron Man 3. The hexagon happens to be the logo of A.I.M. and their henchmen dress in beekeeper-inspired suits. Remember the guy that came out of the sewer in Episode 2?

Could this be a hint that A.I.M. will resurface in the future of the MCU? Have they infiltrated S.W.O.R.D. the way that Hydra did with S.H.I.E.L.D.? Whatever the answer, we’re excited to see where the MCU goes.

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WandaVision’s weekly wait created a kind of suspense that we hadn’t yet seen in the MCU before. Wondering what was going on as it all unfolded was fantastic, proving that the incorporation of TV shows into the MCU was an excellent idea.

But, it did leave us wanting more. If you’re the same, you’ll be happy to know that you can satisfy your cravings in our merch section.

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Main image credit: Marvel via Popcornx

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