Fantastic Beasts Merchandise

Explore our collection of Fantastic Beasts merch and find products themed on all your favourite magical creatures, including the Bowtruckle and Niffler.

Find the ultimate collection of Fantastic Beasts merch and celebrate the latest edition to the amazing Harry Potter series. A world with so many magical and mystical creatures should have a collection of products and clothing to match, and you can show off your love for the Bowtruckle and cheeky Niffler with our Fantastic Beasts merch, inspired by all the amazing characters, creatures, and spells we see in the films. 

We all love Harry Potter, and seeing the curious hero Newt Scamander and the famous dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald return to our screens brought all that nostalgia right back home. That’s why it’s only right we have a Fantastic Beasts merch collection to match our Harry Potter collection, so fans of all the films can buy clothing, figurines, lighting, and more, featuring prints and designs from the iconic wizarding world we all grew up with.