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God Of War Merchandise

Kratos has had one hell of a life. Mainly because he keeps going to hell, coming back to life and then dying again. Just sitting on a sofa and playing him is exhausting. Imagine if you actually had to kill gods for a living. We’ve followed his story since he first brought death and destruction to the Greek Pantheon of Olympians in 2005. We watched him lose his humanity and his wife and daughter, and go from a tanned Spartan hero to an ash-skinned forsaken demigod with a creepy grin. And now jump belief systems to start tearing apart the Norse pantheon. It’s almost too hard to stop watching him as he self-destructs while destructing everybody else. So, to show our support, we have amassed some fantastic God of War merchandise, clothing, mugs and accessories, and other collectables, so you can show your allegiance too. Best to be on his good side eh?
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Hatsune Miku Cable Guy

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Star Wars R2D2 Plant Pot

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Marvel Groot Plant Pot

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Electronic Games Lab Kit

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