Groot Merchandise

Whether he is ten feet tall or a mere sapling, everyone’s favourite sentient tree-like hero is Groot. He may only know his own name, but this Guardian of the Galaxy knows plenty about friendship, and cool merch! Check out our wide selection of Groot merchandise, complete with clothing, collectibles, and accessories for every Groot fan. If you are looking to start your day on the right foot—or root—try one of our Groot coffee mugs or Groot dressing gown, sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy like when Groot wrapped his friends in a big protective ball to save them from the crashing Dark Aster. Fill out your wardrobe with a fashionable Groot jumper, sure to have you saying, “I am comfy!” For you gamers out there, our toddler Groot Cable Guy is a fun addition to any game room as he’ll always hold your controller for you if you let him. Additionally, find our Groot ornaments, notebooks, and water bottles—the perfect gifts for every Groot lover. Whether you’re looking for Groot merch or Baby Groot merch, you’re sure to find it all in our extensive collection.