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Icon Desk Lights

If you’re a customer of Lost Universe, then, just like us, you probably spend a good amount of time binge-watching sci fi, playing video games or reading comic books. We also know that you probably, just like us, like to have your chill out space set up just right for it. The right chair position, the right temperature and the right mood lighting. On that last one, we can help. We stock lights and lamps that not only brighten and illuminate the room you designate your geek out area, they also come designed as icons from your favourite pop culture. Basically, sculptures that double up as light sources. Like icon lights that brighten up your desk, your bookshelves or your bedside tables from Disney, Harry Potter and Marvel. Including Yoda lamps and Spiderman lights, a Triwizard Cup lamp and a Voldemort icon light, and even the Starship Enterprise. Beam us up! (sorry).

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