Loungefly Merchandise

Shop the small and mighty brand that is Loungefly! Here at Lost Universe we have a variety of the well known innovative and artistic licensed accessories which include purses, bags and rucksacks from Disney, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Marvel, Star Wars, Peanuts, and more!


Great things come in small packages. That’s been proven by Loungefly backpacks. These awesome little bags have also proved that fans absolutely love to carry their favourite films and cartoons on their backs. And, if you’re one of those fans, you’ll love our collection of Loungefly bags! Here you’ll find some of the coolest officially licensed Loungefly merch on the market, all primed to show off your favourite franchises. Yep, you can match your Loungefly mini backpack to your personality, whether you’re into superheroes or super cute cartoons.

We’ve carefully picked our range of Loungefly backpacks and bags to suit all sorts of fans. If you’re all about that galaxy far, far away, you’ll find our LF Star Wars backpacks have loads of (ahem) space. And, if you’re into classic cinematic magic, you’ll absolutely want a Disney mini backpack slung over your shoulder. Speaking of magic, you may want a Fantastic Beasts Niffler backpack to hold all your shiny valuables, or an exclusive Peter Pan backpack to keep your shadow in. Did we say exclusive? Yeah, we have a collection of super cool Loungefly backpacks that you’ll only find at Lost Universe. Choose from bags inspired by Nightmare before Christmas, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, and Cinderella. We’ve also got a cool collection of licensed purses and wallets, pin trader backpacks, and other cool accessories. So, if you’re ready to look fly, check out our Loungefly mini backpacks here!