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Marvel Lamps

Compared to that other comic book giant, Marvel has always been on the lighter side. And, that’s never been truer than with this collection of Marvel lamps! Designed to glow brighter than the Tesseract, these lamps are awesome for Marvel fans of all ages. Whether it’s a Marvel night light on the bedside table of a mini fan or a super cool Marvel logo lamp on the desk of a home office, this collection is designed to illuminate the lives of absolutely all Marvel fans.

What can you expect to find in the heroic collection of Marvel lamps? Oh, all sorts. Spider-Man fans will love our Spider-Man desk lamp, which has good old Spidey on a New York streetlamp. Captain America fans will love the Cap Shield wall light, which looks like it’s been thrown right into the wall, and even come with a crack effect sticker. We also have these 3D crack wall lights for Thor’s Hammer, Iron Man’s hand, Hulk’s fist, Deadpool’s face, and more. And, as we mentioned, we have a Marvel logo light for fans of the comics company, and it’s only available at Lost Universe!

You don’t have to go full Thanos and scour the universe to find the glowing gems you want. Just check out this awesome collection of Marvel lamps and lights!

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