Merch for Kids

Find awesome kids’ merch at Lost Universe. Our range includes Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney and more!


A fan is a fan, no matter the size. In fact, kids probably kicked off the whole merch mania with their awesome lunchboxes. So, as pop culture fans, we had to create a collection of awesome kids’ merch. You’ll find everything, from quilts, lighting and posters to complete a bedroom through to wallets, watches and backpacks in our accessories range. 

Not sure what you’re looking for? We have put together 100 best sellers from our selection of kids’ merch so you can find the perfect gift for a smaller member of the family. You’ll also find plenty of clothing amongst our merch for kids. Grab t-shirts, hoodies and more, with cool themes like Mario and Jurassic Park. You’ll also find Star Wars, Minecraft and Marvel amongst our UK kids merch.