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Retro Gaming

Come with us on a journey through time to the days when gaming was simple, there were no flashy graphics or headsets. Just a joystick, a button pad, some blocky pixels and you. Think back to when you would boot up the Atari, the Dreamcast, the Sega Saturn, the SNES, the N64, the PlayStation One or the Game Boy. When Super Mario was the most advanced piece of work out there. Or even further back, when you had to go to an arcade with a pocket of cash. At Lost Universe, we are keeping those days alive with our range of retro gaming consoles and merchandise. Take a look at our miniature arcade games, like the original Donkey Kong or Pac-Man. Have a gander at our retro gaming clothing, like our PlayStation hoodies, our Nintendo controller t-shirts and our Mario Mushroom snapbacks. Kit yourself out now and remember the old days when hardcore gamer meant knowing the shortcut in Rainbow Road.
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