Rick and Morty Clothing and Apparel

Equip your wardrobe for space travel with Rick and Morty clothing from Lost Universe. We have t-shirts, hoodies and more!

Are you a fan of the chaos that is Rick and Morty? Equip your wardrobe appropriately with our seriously awesome collection of Rick and Morty clothing, featuring unique designs inspired by the crazy scientist and his timid nephew sidekick. It doesn’t matter if it’s laser guns, monsters, or parallel worlds, you’ll find it all amongst our range of Rick and Morty apparel. 

Prepare yourself for a portal jump with our collection of Rick and Morty clothing, we have everything from t-shirts and hoodies through to socks and hats. All our Rick and Morty clothing items feature unique designs and prints, inspired by the crazy adventures and other worlds you see on the pop-culture marvel.  Our Rick and Morty UK clothing line also brings you high-quality, comfortable apparel that looks great.