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Stranger Things Hellfire Club Merchandise

Want to be a part of the Stranger Things Hellfire Club? Make sure you are kitted out head to toe with this awesome officially licensed Stranger Things merchandise. We have merch adorned with the iconic clubs logo, everything from Water Bottles, T-Shirts, Caps and much more!
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The Hellfire Club were introduced to us in season 4 of the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. We were introduced to the High School Fraternity through Dustin and Mike to Justin, Gareth and troubled leader Eddie Munson. Forever a legend for his actions in ST, Eddie has gone onto symbolise what the D&D playing Hellfire Club stood for - friendship and unity through adversity like the club icon the fiery horned demon alongside a flame covered longsword and a mace. Become a proud member of this growing and diversifying club by owning merchandise such as the classic ¾ length baseball T Shirt and the Hellfire Club metal water bottle!