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Rocky Dressing Gown

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"Could've been a contender?" Well he still can be, when he wears our Rocky Balboa Dressing Gown Bathrobe. Whilst this famous cinematic phrase was uttered by Marlon Brando in: "On The Waterfront" rather than Sly in Rocky, he'll still look a knock-out in it. As Rocky himself put it: "If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change!" So, instead of having him strut around the house, post-bath, naked as the day he was born, offer a soft, fluffy alternative, as worn by the Italian Stallion himself.

Ideal for fans and followers of the Rocky film franchise, The Rocky Bathrobe is a wonderfully realistic replica of Rocky Balboa's boxing gown, made into a wearable Dressing Gown. Gorgeous, soft quality, with a gold satin finish, it features a hood and the distinctive Italian Stallion horse logo on the back of the gown, with a small crest logo on the chest of the gown. It can be tied around the waist for a snug, cosy fit or left open to reveal it all!

Measures approximately 65 cm in width, largest arm measurement: Approximately 53 cm x 29 cm. Will fit most adults.

Ideal for a Valentines gift!

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