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Weird Things Humans Search For Adult Card Game

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Don't you hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you octopus? Well, that's a pretty common occurrence on Google (thanks for that one, humanity!). But, instead of despairing in the fact that we're collectively a bunch of weirdos, you can celebrate how interesting we all are by trying to guess what people have asked Google. How? With Weird Things People Search For the party card game!

Is the queen a... mechanic? Has a person ever been... born with a tail? Why are babies so... stupid? These are the things that people most want to know, and now it's up to you to guess what else bewilders them!

In this game, you get a question card with the first part of a popular Google search on. To play, you simply have to guess the ending. You get a main guess and a bonus guess, with more points going to the person or team that guesses the most popular ending. Sound weird? In the age of Google, it's really not!

So, if you want your parties to be as weird as the people who ask Google if they're weird, get Weird Things People Search For today!

Includes question cards, score booklet, and pencils - For 2 to 20 players - Avoid scarring young minds – for ages 14 and up.

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